Pipeline Regulations and Policies

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Operators must demonstrate compliance with the law to regulators and many other stakeholders. Regulations are therefore a key input for defining the overarching objectives of the comprehensive asset solutions approach. The other main inputs are company policies regarding operating model, investor relations, market position, and company image.

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Understanding the global landscape

Regulations develop and change over time. Regulators issue notifications, advisory notices, and interpretations that can all contribute to expectations that operators should meet. Keeping pace with the changing situation and adapting appropriately is a challenge for many operators.

We support operators working under a wide variety of regulatory regimes worldwide. Seeing at first hand the way different operators demonstrate compliance with regulations and maintain relationships with regulators gives us a unique insight into the approaches that are most effective.

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Pipeline management and compliance

Our services involve the objective review and audit of current provisions against relevant regulatory and legislative requirements. Gaps and areas on non-compliance are identified. The actions need to ensure and demonstrate compliance can be defined.

Stay up to date with regulations and policies