Presenters: Ian Laing, Marguerite Forde

Corrosion Management in a Strained Economic Climate

Two-part webinar about pipeline corrosion management

When the oil and gas industry suffers a pronounced economic slow-down, with a crude oil stock price slump, there is a consequential steep decline in the workforce and available funds to undertake the fundamental integrity management activities in order to reduce costs. Crude oil production may be reduced while the stock price is low, however it does not stop completely, and therefore the integrity issues do not fluctuate with the stock price.

For asset integrity, it should always be business as usual; however, there are ways to reduce the short to long-term costs of managing the corrosion aspect of the integrity threat through optimization.

Webinar Part 1

Key Learning Objectives

Watch the webinar to get:

  • Overview of ways to optimize corrosion management regardless of the oil stock prize
  • Introduction of ways to reduce the short to long-term costs of managing corrosion threats

Presented by

Ian Laing, Principal Corrosion Engineer, ROSEN Group

Ian has over 20 years' experience in materials and corrosion engineering in the nuclear and oil and gas industries. He has provided corrosion consultancy for Front-End Engineering and design projects, and for continuous corrosion management of new and mature projects. Ian completed his MSc/ PhD in Corrosion Science and Engineering at the UMIST Corrosion and Protection Centre. Ian is NACE Coating Inspector Level 3 certified, and he is currently working as the Corrosion Management Group Business Area Lead for ROSEN UK Integrity Solution in Newcastle-Upon-Tyne, he holds NACE Senior Corrosion Technologist certificate.

Webinar Part 2

Key Learning Objective

Watch the webinar to learn about:

  • Continuing the basic principles and optimization of the corrosion management process, regardless of the oil stock price

Presented by

Marguerite Forde, Senior Corrosion Engineer, ROSEN Group

Marguerite has over 9 years' experience as a corrosion and integrity management consultant in the oil and gas industry. Her expertise focuses on developing internal and external corrosion risk assessment and corrosion control schemes for onshore and subsea pipelines with extensive experience in the delivery and project management of these items. Recently, she has been applying her corrosion knowledge to flow modeling and how pipeline flow effects corrosion characteristics. Marguerite has a first-class degree in Civil Engineering from University College Cork. She is also qualified as a NACE Senior Internal Corrosion Technologist (SICT).