Pipeline Cleaning Services 

Bringing innovation and evolution together 

We have decades of experience servicing pipeline asset owners. This means our pipeline cleaning solutions are the result of understanding and overcoming customer challenges. Our service delivery is refined and improved with every pipeline cleaning service delivered, while we constantly devise innovative, specialist solutions to new challenges.

With product design, build and testing carried out in-house, our cleaning solutions, pipeline pigs and data gathering sensors will keep your pipelines clean and compliant. With our extensive in-house testing services capability, we test our cleaning solutions in the field for real-life verification. This ensures we meet any additional and unexpected challenges that arise during your pipeline cleaning program.

Your benefits of our cleaning services

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Identifying and eliminating hidden threats for extended asset lifespan

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Internal diameter maintained with no additional pumping costs

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Executing cleaning runs without impacting productivity

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Clean internal surfaces maximize system performance

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Data logging and analysis provides traceability and service optimization guidance

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Guarantee highest quality inspection data

Even during normal operations, deposits can accumulate in your pipeline, resulting in product contamination, accelerated corrosion and potential asset damage. Our cleaning tools and processes are proven and provide reliable solutions that should form the foundation of your pipeline healthcare strategy.

  • Clean internals optimize corrosion inhibitor application and in-line inspection success
  • Maintaining the internal diameter reduces operational costs
  • Asset uptime and lifecycle is maximized
  • Routine cleaning to remove accumulations in your pipelines prevents the need for more intensive procedures, like heavy duty cleaning.

Cleaning up pipeline issues before they develop

  • Our operational cleaning tools can be used with the pipeline in service. The specialized design allows for a thorough descaling of the pipe walls, debris transportation and removal without impacting throughput.
  • In-line inspections (ILI) enable you to monitor and record the condition of your pipeline. Executing a cleaning cycle prior to the inspection guarantees that the sensors in our inspection tools gather the highest quality data. This will provide the most accurate picture of pipeline condition.
  • Our bypass cleaning pigs are designed to let flow pass through them so they clean the pipeline without it being taken out of service.
  • Periodic cleaning eliminates harmful chemical reactions under deposits that lead to corrosion and metal loss, cracking and loss of asset integrity. 

Gathering complete and accurate inspection data is vital to the successful maintenance of pipeline assets. A pre-inspection cleaning run should be considered a prerequisite to every scheduled in-line inspection (ILI).

  • With our EcoSpeed and Passive and Active Speed Control technologies, the tool travel along the pipe slowly enough to clean thoroughly, even at high gas flow rates. The cleaning is completed without impact to throughput and with no loss of production revenue.
  • Cleaning before an ILI means the data gathered during the ILI run is more likely to be complete and accurate. Decisions about future maintenance and requirements are made on high-quality data, extending the asset lifetime.

A data-driven service

Mapping, inspecting and condition monitoring of your pipeline network is a regulatory requirement. Our range of robust inspection tools can work with virtually any pipeline. To ensure this data is gathered without issue, it is important the pipeline is maintained in a clean condition.

We are trusted across multiple industries with the task of gathering, processing and storing data to ensure compliance. Our decades of experience means you can depend on us to put together a package that keeps your pipework in good condition and allows you to prove it, should this be required.

Close up of a heavy duty cleaning pig showing the brush.

Remove stubborn pipeline debris

Difficult-to-remove pipeline deposits that have accumulated over time require a powerful solution. Our Heavy Duty Cleaning Service and range of Ultimate Cleaning Pigs, restore your heavily contaminated pipes to their original condition and optimal performance level.

  • Removes the most stubborn pipeline deposits
  • Proven to remove paraffin waxes, scales and asphaltenes
  • Ideal precursor to intelligent pipeline inspection runs

Unblocking threats to your business

  • Heavy duty cleaning protects against hidden threats such as corrosion under deposits. This can cause thinning of the pipe walls, potentially leading to a loss of containment that takes your pipeline out of service.
  • Corrosion inhibitors work best when applied to a clean internal surface. Choosing an appropriate and effective cleaning approach provides another strategy to reduce corrosion threats.
  • Our pigs utilize polyurethane sealing and guiding disc components. This material not only makes the tools wear-resistant but also protects the pipeline, allowing for a thorough but holistic approach to pipeline cleaning and debris removal.

Thorough cleaning with complete data

An operator’s duty of care extends to maintaining comprehensive records for each pipeline asset. This is where you can leverage our expertise to your advantage. Data acquisition, monitoring and reporting is an integral part of each of our services. Providing traceable records is an additional burden that we can relieve.

Heavy Duty Cleaning Service options

The Heavy Duty Cleaning Service is available with additional features. Pipeline data logging provides traceable results on the effectiveness of the cleaning, while ATEX-compliant options are available for hazardous areas.

  • ATEX/Ex compliant tools
  • Pipeline Data Logger
  • Pig tracking instrumentation
Dirty dual module cleaning pig at the receiver site with technicians in background.

Cleaning solutions for pipelines with complex geometries

No two pipelines are identical. Your asset faces unique challenges, such as complex geometry or sections where the internal diameter changes. Combining modules from our trusted range to create a bespoke tool is the optimal solution.

  • A single pigging run using combined modules and tools for efficiency
  • Complex geometries safely navigated
  • Each custom solution uses proven, robust components

Your specification is our challenge

  • Some equipment is not designed with maintenance in mind. When you take ownership of a new pipeline asset, there may not be an off-the-shelf solution for cleaning and inspection. We can design, assemble, test and dispatch a product in a timeframe that keeps you compliant.
  • Where your maintenance plan calls for dewatering and your pipeline geometry has sections with intricate bends, a dual module tool can be used. Case studies have shown that even in complex pipe sections, a complete seal is achieved, and dewatering is confirmed by data analysis to have been carried out successfully.
  • Our worldwide network of service centers and support teams provides comprehensive technical support. Your custom solution will be proven in our test field before it is dispatched to your site.

Solutions designed and performance analyzed

Challenging job specifications demand careful monitoring to ensure mission-critical goals are achieved. We can integrate a wide range of data logging and monitoring equipment into the cleaning tool so there is a traceable record of the work being completed successfully. As well as data gathering, processing and reporting, we store all logged data. This data will fulfill any regulatory requirements you may have.

Dual Module/Diameter Service options

As with all services in our fleet of cleaning pigs, dual module tools can be configured with multiple options so there is always an option available for your asset.

  • Collapsible Umbrella Pull Units
  • Diameter range from 6” to 48” 
  • Varying coupling mechanisms for safe passage through complex geometries
  • Complete range of cleaning components such as brushes, magnets and bypass units
Cleaning pig with speed control unit.

Safely maintain conflicting velocity differences

Cleaning high throughput gas pipelines poses an intrinsic challenge. Your productivity depends on maintaining a high flow rate, even during cleaning, while cleaning is most effective when our tool travels along the pipeline slowly. Our Passive and Active Speed Control system allows this conflicting velocity difference to be safely maintained.

  • No reduction in production revenues during cleaning
  • High-quality cleaning is achieved, suitable for pre-ILI
  • Less abrasion between tool and pipeline at lower speed

Flexible pipeline cleaning that meets multiple pipeline threats

  • Where a pipeline cleaning tool is propelled by high-rate flow, cleaning effectiveness can be compromised. Our tools can be equipped with a bypass valve system, which allows a high proportion of product flow to pass through the core of the tool. At lower speed, effective cleaning can be carried out in a single run without the need for a costly, disruptive repeat.
  • If your pipework requires a cleaning service that must be carried out at a constant speed, our Active Speed Control manipulates the bypass valve to achieve closed loop control, independent of fluctuations in your flow rate. This makes a wider choice of tool configurations possible, so we can provide you with a more complete pipeline healthcare service package.
  • Our pipeline cleaning tools can be fitted with data gathering sensors for additional inspection and analysis capabilities. These require the tool to travel slowly and smoothly to obtain high-resolution data. Our Active Speed Control system means this capability can be used on your high-flow rate gas pipeline assets.

Driving your data

We have decades of experience in pipeline integrity management and are industry leaders when it comes to gathering quality data. Our Active Speed Control capability lets us take this to the next level, and our NIMA Integrity Management software provides unparalleled data accessibility and traceability.

Your pipeline data, like pipe grading information, weld inspection results and cleaning analysis is secure and protected. From gathering high-resolution information to presenting it to you in a closeout report, you can rely on us at every stage.

Gain deeper insights into our expertise

Watch our videos to learn more about how our pipeline cleaning services can enhance the integrity of your asset.