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A systematic collection of data from diverse sources like inspections and historical records empower our clients to gain insights into their asset's condition, performance, and operation. Utilizing advanced sensor technologies and inspection systems, we ensure the acquisition of relevant, high-quality data. Our expertise extends to integrating data from any source, be it in-line inspections, GIS, testing, environmental data, or historical records from various vendors.

Our solutions encompass a wide range of services, including

  • In-line inspections for thorough data collection regarding all pipeline threats
  • In-field verification processes
  • Above-ground surveys
  • Full-scale, and laboratory testing
  • Environmental data acquisition
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Data management focuses on the efficient organization, storage, and analysis of data in a structured manner. We specialize in seamlessly integrating and aligning data from various sources while prioritizing data quality and security and ensuring accessibility to relevant stakeholders. Leveraging cloud-based storage and efficient databases, we facilitate seamless data retrieval and analysis.

Our Integrity Data Warehouse (IDW), stands as the world's largest repository of detailed pipeline integrity management data sourced globally. With our robust data management systems, we guarantee data integrity, accessibility, and security and enhance organizational efficiency and decision-making processes.

Our comprehensive solutions include

  • Database design and implementation
  • GIS setup
  • Data checking and correction
  • Discrepancy analysis to identify differences between different data sources
  • Data integration and alignment services
  • NIMA Data Management solutions
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Data analysis lies at the heart of our operations, where we harness the power of advanced analytics tools, AI algorithms, and machine learning models. Combined with the expertise of our certified professionals, we uncover patterns within inspection data, enabling the detection, identification, and sizing of anomalies crucial for asset integrity. Integration of anomaly information with design and operational data facilitates algorithmic assessment to determine defects accurately.

Furthermore, our analysis extends to trend identification by comparing historical data, revealing critical insights like corrosion growth rates over time.

Our comprehensive services encompass

  • In-line inspection reporting
  • Regulatory compliance reporting
  • Engineering critical assessment
  • Fitness for purpose evaluations and corrosion growth assessments
  • Dig and repair planning
  • NIMA integrity Management
  • Engineering consultancy and threat management services (geohazards, corrosion, cracks, etc.)
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Data visualization describes transforming complex data into clear and concise visual formats enabling easy comprehension and effective communication. Ensuring that data visualizations are both clear and relevant is essential for gaining a comprehensive understanding of asset condition and facilitating informed decision-making regarding asset integrity and performance.

Collaborating with operators globally, we have sharpened our ability to visualize pipeline integrity data in a meaningful and actionable manner. Our comprehensive visualizations include a variety of charts, maps, and tables tailored to present complex information in an accessible format. Moreover, we offer user-friendly interactive dashboards and intuitive representations, empowering clients to conduct their own reviews. Our commitment to interactive presentation extends to the expertise provided by our inspection and integrity experts, ensuring that our clients receive insights in the most comprehensible and impactful manner possible.

Our offerings include

  • Interactive presentation of results by inspection and integrity experts
  • NIMA Report
  • NIMA Integrity Management (e.g. Performance Management Dashboards)

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From collection to insight: Streamlining asset data for informed decision-making

Through comprehensive data collection including design, construction, inspection, survey, monitoring, operational, and historical data, we gather the necessary raw data. Our data management processes synchronize and align this current and historical data from diverse sources, ensuring data quality and facilitating rapid decision-making. Subsequent data analysis identifies patterns, trends, defects, and degradation rates, enabling predictions and informed decisions. Through data visualization, we provide intuitive reports to monitor asset condition.

With our comprehensive approach, we strive to provide our clients with the tools and insights they need to make informed decisions and optimize their asset management strategies.

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Artificial Intelligence

Our goal is to transform and develop the latest technologies into advanced products and services using artificial intelligence (AI) to protect people and the environment. We see enormous potential in merging human intelligence with different areas of artificial intelligence to use this in turn to enable decisions that support this goal.
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