Research and Development Capabilities

Creating a better future means searching for new solutions and extend our research and development capabilities. Constantly. We anticipate the market's future needs and perform extensive applied research and development in areas such as electronics, mechanical engineering, chemistry and software. Developing technologies that contribute to the security of supply and thus improve people’s lives remains our number one priority.

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Global network of development centers

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15% of our employees worldwide work in R&D

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600+ engineers and scientists in various development disciplines

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200+ apprenticeships, internships, students, and final theses per year

Ideal starts with idea

While most companies specialize in either researching possible technology solutions or evolving existing development concepts, our research and development capabilities cover it all. From the first stages of technology intelligence to the launch of a market-ready technology, we go all the way. This way, we can be sure a new product or service is everything we want it to be.

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Picture of Tina Ulbrich
It is exciting to be part of a company that gives me the chance to experience the transformation of a rough idea into an actual product.
Tina Ulbrich, Software Developer, ROSEN Group

Explore our innovation projects

Innovation is a process that is best implemented by a team, working together to set new standards and deliver a new solutions. We not only focus on adapting to new challenges – we think ahead, leave familiar ground and constantly explore new application areas for our products, services and technologies.

ROSEN Technology & Research Centers (RTRCs)

Our global RTRC network is the backbone of our innovative power. From the earliest technology intelligence stages to small scale prototyping to the launch of advanced products and services, our scientists and engineers continuously work on changing the way we think about safety.

Each focusing on different products, services or specific technology fields, our development centers serve two main purposes: First, they provide invaluable technical support to our operational units. Our experts work on immediate solutions to individual customer requests. They ensure that every integrity challenge of our business partners is met with the proper expertise to find the best possible solution. Second, our research and development teams engage in strategic research. This may concern long-term industry needs as well as ways to contribute our part to the future of safety for environment and people.

Aerial view of the building and parking lot from the site in Lingen.

ROSEN Technology & Research Centers in Germany

The RTRC in Lingen, Germany, is the hub of all our research and development capabilities. Here, we unite an entire breadth of varied developmental disciplines such as construction, software or the development of electronics, algorithms, and sensors. We continuously align our development skills to the market requirements. Consequently, a state-of-the-art hydrogen lab is part of our premises as well. In addition to our facility in Lingen, we maintain development centers at two other locations in Germany: Osnabrück and Stutensee, which are specialized in different research areas.

ROSEN location in Bogota, Colombia.

ROSEN Technology & Research Centers worldwide

More than 600 engineers and scientists worldwide work on the development of innovative products and services. We have a very high demand for growth due to innovations, customer support and their requirements. As a result, we not only continue to attract skilled employees at our German locations, but also worldwide. Accordingly, it is our intention and obligation to stay very close to our customers to identify and translate their needs into best possible products and services. In recent years, this enabled the building and expansion of further centers worldwide, for instance in Switzerland and Colombia.

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