Technology Fields

We are part of a rapidly growing market with varying requirements and challenges which energizes us to always invest in researching, developing and manufacturing innovative products and services. Technology continues to evolve and change at a rapid pace, which will continue to play an important role in driving innovation and shaping the future of the economy and also of our technology fields. 

Empowered by technology

We are defined by our passion for and knowledge of technology, especially the latest technology in energy. It is the driver of all of our innovation.

This is why we continuously strive to further establish and extend the technological areas of Artificial Intelligence, Autonomous Robotics, Sensors and Advanced Materials but also various others technology fields that we refer to in the following:

Factory work with blue cartridges.

Smart Manufacturing

Our factory aims to secure future markets with newest manufacturing technology. We manufacture over 90 percent of all components for our products and services in-house, process new materials and run extensive tests - all supported by our well organized supply chain and our high-tech logistics with one goal: to accomplish the manufacturing process most efficiently and effectively.

A tank farm from above with a shadow on half of the picture.

Digital Reality

Multiphysics simulation and modeling are an essential part of all our development projects as it enables the testing of a specimen in multiple ways for a practically unlimited number of times. It permits the definition of arbitrary boundary conditions and enables a view into non-visible areas, yielding a comprehensive picture of material behavior in a wide variety of settings.

Pink sun with veils.

Energy Supply

Increasingly sophisticated inspection technology requires not only highly efficient and robust energy storage solutions, but new ways of power generation. This includes energy harvesting as well as energy generation technologies such as fuel cells.



Each transaction creates enormous amounts of data. Quantum computing and edge (AI) computing represent the most advanced way to manage very large amounts of data and perform the most complex calculations.

Record like strokes.


In a digital age, data and information must be available any time and anywhere. They must travel long distances in split seconds, both via cable and wirelessly. Devices communicate with other devices, humans communicate with computers via voice control. Among other things, this requires state-of-the-art communication interfaces and secure data transfer.

Technical board with knobs, levers and cables.

Smart Electronics and Mechanics

We always strive to provide our customers the best inspection standard while dealing quickly and flexibly with increasingly tough demands. This requires continuous development of electronics and mechanics, which have to work under required conditions as sustainably and reliably as possible to employ future-proof technologies.

Light blue eye at the left edge of the image from which a network is indicated by light blue shining dots and strokes running to the center of the image in front of a dark blue background.

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