Our company culture is defined, shaped and reinforced by the self-motivated and committed professionals who work here. With over 3,800 employees in more than 120 countries, we have created a multicultural, multi-disciplined, diverse and responsive working environment. Within the organization we are committed to open, informal and flexible communication and this sets the tone for our company. We work together to deliver the top-quality, tailored, innovative services our clients expect, wherever they are needed.

Client focus is the highest priority right across ROSEN. We insist on earning the trust of our clients, developing long-lasting partnerships and providing the best technologies and services. This requires a proactive ‘can do’ attitude throughout our various teams.

Independence means that ROSEN can offer a rapid and flexible service. Inefficient bureaucracy never hampers our response to customer requests. When new ideas are needed ROSEN has unrivalled potential for innovation. This means that we can start work on creating new technologies and innovative solutions without lengthy decision-making.

Our services come from teams of individuals who deliver fresh ideas, different perspectives and individual flair. This, we believe, is what gives ROSEN an unbeatable edge in the marketplace.