Omar joined the ROSEN Technology and Research Center in Bogota, Colombia, 14 years ago as a Software Developer. Due to his experience and skills, he was quickly promoted to the role of Software Architect. After working as a Team Lead for some software projects, he accepted the challenge to lead the Software and the IT Department. He also worked in Germany for some time, and today he provides his knowledge and experience in the position of Senior Application Specialist.


“What I have liked most about working at ROSEN is the fact that it is a family company, where people’s wellbeing plays an important role in decision-making. Whenever changes are discussed, the natural question is how they will impact the individual and their family. On a personal level, I have had the opportunity to grow in many aspects within the company and being promoted quickly. I also got a chance to live in Lingen, as well as to meet and interact with many people from South America, North America, Europe and Asia. After so many years, I have built great friendships that last beyond when people leave the company. It is common for many colleagues who worked with us to stop by the office in Bogotá as part of their trip to Colombia. As a team, we have faced the loss of co-workers or people who were very important to us; we have seen many children being born and growing up. That way, we participate in each other’s lives and create other types of bonds.”


Outside of the office, you will most likely find Omar spending time with his family, among other activities. “What I like to do the most in life is spend time with my dog. I also really like social entrepreneurship and technology education for children. In fact, I dedicate some of my free time to these topics. I also like the cinema; at one point in my life, I even started studying film and television. I like to do outdoor activities with my family, and lately I really enjoy exercising, in particular swimming.”