Customer orientation and substantial investments

While other companies are granted high subsidies by federal and local governments, ROSEN exclusively relies on its own economic and human resources – with remarkable results. ROSEN’s strong position in the world market is based on close customer relations and continuous investment in research and development. Specific inspection challenges require tailor-made solutions. From the smallest device to the most complex inspection system, ROSEN develops and combines every aspect of professional engineering in-house. This emphasis on service and innovation has proved to be a reliable recipe for success, as shown by the double-digit annual growth figures.

While ROSEN has become a multinational company, its focus on service has not changed. Its first priority is still to meet the ever-growing demands and fulfill the individual needs of customers around the world. Combining solid expertise and extensive experience, our employees constantly pursue this goal through their personal commitment and high quality standards.

At ROSEN, technological developments go hand in hand with long-term relationships with customers. ROSEN’s unrivalled success is founded on the essential values of the company embraced by ROSEN employees all over the world. Long-term strategies, continuous investment in applied research and development, utilization of the most sophisticated technology and a flexible corporate structure are key factors in maximizing client benefits. Only a convincing price-to-performance and price-to-value ratio can ensure consistent growth and secure the continued creation of high-tech jobs worldwide.

Reorganization due to company growth and new business segments

Today, ROSEN not only serves the oil and gas industry but also provides a wide range of sophisticated and innovative products and system solutions to engineering industries such as aerospace, marine, transportation and security. ROSEN also has the expertise and equipment to inspect utility assets such as telecommunication towers, wind turbines, transmission towers, rail wheels and water distribution systems.

ROSEN has enjoyed tremendous growth and success over the last 30 years. While the group is expanding, its products and services become more and more complex. Optimized organization and effective communication are more important than ever before. In order to keep the ability to respond to immediate problems and provide a solution in a timely and efficient manner, reorganization of the ROSEN Group was indispensable. Started in early 2010, the restructuring measures have now been fully implemented.

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