ROSEN Europe B.V.’s activities can be divided into three main divisions: Maintenance, Operations and Data Evaluation.

  • Maintenance: responsible for preparing and repairing equipment (Oldenzaal and Newcastle).
  • Operations: responsible for coordinating and executing projects. (All of ROSEN Europe’s locations have an operations division).
  •  Data evaluation: responsible for evaluating measurements and data retrieved from inspections .

Facts & Figures
ROSEN Europe B.V. became a legal entity in 2000, 19 years after the founding of ROSEN and has experienced approximately 20% growth each year since 2000. Has its own internal training center, located in Oldenzaal.

ROSEN Europe B.V. employs a total of more than 300 highly skilled people at locations in Oldenzaal, Rotterdam, Newcastle and Moscow. This includes a permanent crew of 85 survey engineers, all with long-term experience in the field of in-line and plant and terminal inspection. Oldenzaal is the main location for ROSEN Europe.

Living and working in Oldenzaal

Oldenzaal with ca. 30,000 inhabitants is located in the green heart of Twente, surrounded by a beautiful landscape offering lots of recreation possibilities.

The city’s face is governed by the medieval St. Plechelmus church; another outstanding building is the “Palthe Huis”, a 17th century typical Dutch building, now a museum, and open for the public.

For visitors, Oldenzaal offers a pedestrian area with two recently renovated shopping malls (the “Driehoek” and the “Vijfhoek”), small typical Dutch streets with unique shops and a big market square with a variety of pubs, cafés and restaurants.

For a one day recreation, we recommend “Het Hulsbeek” recreation park, where you can enjoy the sun laying on the beach, or do swimming, fishing, surfing, but also cycling, walking and horse-riding is possible…

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