The ROSEN Group

We deliver solutions, based on technology. Our primary aim is to add value to our customer’s operations and contribute to their sustained success. Ultimately, we focus on providing solutions that safeguard our customers’ investments. The ROSEN Group is  privately owned and financed, therefore not bound to stock markets or strategic investors. This enables us to be as flexible as possible to suit nearly every customer need all over the world.
Our service portfolio
Our service portfolio comprises inspection and integrity as well as research and development solutions. Accurate inspection data is the key for the integrity of industrial assets. We have decades of experience and have inspected billions of square meters.
Our experts develop integrity management strategies for assets starting at the design stage and assess older assets aiming to ensure capacity or even extending operational life. Typically, we undertake feasibility studies followed by intense research and development.
Our product portfolio
Our product portfolio is characterized by a deep vertical integration – 85% of our products are made in-house. ROSEN is an expert in sensor and data acquisition technologies and supplies sophisticated instruments.  
Pipeline cleaning tools are a great strength of the company. Our work in this area has led us into the development of high-performance polyurethane elastomers for use in abrasive environments. Wear protection equipment for mining and interior coatings for slurry pipelines made from our high-performance elastomers are saving significant maintenance cost in the global mining industry. Intelligent products combining elastomers properties with sensors are protecting pipes in offshore pipeline construction or monitoring wear in mining applications. Besides providing hardware, ROSEN is a leading supplier of customized software solutions that help customers in making key operational decisions.

ROSEN as employer
We are family business, by which we understand ourselves as a deeply committed team. Our organic growth results in chances for every employee worldwide to develop further and to reach personal goals within the organization. This not only comprises training, coaching and developing our employees in-house, but also the early education and care of our employees' children in our own day care facility.