The Alignment Analyst module is an application that overlays, analyzes and processes all distance-based data along the route of the pipeline.
Every parameter, irrespective of the type of information, can be plotted along the pipeline route and compared with other records right away.

Application Information

The main purpose for Alignment Analyst is to derive new information from existing data. For example, it can be used for the analysis of external corrosion identified by an inline inspection tool and comparison against CP potentials. Improper CP protection can result in faster growth of these defects.

Module Description

The Alignment Analyst module provides:

  • Analysis of all distance-based information along the pipeline route.
  • Comparison of inline inspection records against any above-ground survey results.
  • Comparison of inline inspections from consecutive runs based on weld-to-weld alignments.
  • Visualization in form of distance-based charts (X-Axis distance, Y-Axis parameter).
  • Visualization in form of a freely extendable table allowing to jointly display all objects sorted by the stationing or log distance.