ROSEN’s new inline inspection service suite, RoMat, has been developed to address pipe and material properties, thus putting an end to incomplete pipeline construction records. RoMat is the solution for pipe grade determination, local hard spots detection, and long-seam categorization, delivering all data needed to fulfill the requirements of M(A)OP (Maximum (Allowable) Operating Pressure) validations comprehensively and holistically.

ROSEN’s RoMat suite consists of the following services:

  • RoMat PGS: determination of pipe grade
  • RoMat DMG: detection of volumetric hard spots
  • RoMat LSC: categorization of long-seams

This holistic inline inspection service suite is a first step in replacing destructive testing requirements in integrity verification processes (IVP).



Determination of the pipe grade is one of the sophisticated challenges in the inline inspection industry. ROSEN’s innovative material strength categorization service, RoMat PGS, provides measurement of yield strength and accurate determination of pipe grade for each joint within the examined pipeline section. RoMat PGS provides unique information along the entire pipeline, thus ensuring traceable, verifiable and complete pipe records.


ROSEN’s dual magnetization service, RoMat DMG, provides a solution for inspecting pipelines with regard to local variations of the pipe wall’s metallurgical hardness, known as hard spots. ROSEN understands the need for inspection in accordance with API, and uses well-established axial magnetic flux leakage (MFL) technology combined with eddy current (EC) to find locations with increased hardness along the entire pipeline.


The challenge of all procedures in long-seam categorization is to differentiate between the indications of the welding process used and other effects (e. g. extra metal) in the evaluation of long-seam properties. RoMat LSC represents not only a way of determining the long-seam type, but also how inline inspection can support you in complying with regulatory requirements.


The role of Integrity Management: M(A)OP validation and risk assessment

M(A)OP re-confirmation is a fundamental parameter for further integrity assessment exercises, including defect assessments and quantitative risk exercises. Formal requirements in confirming M(A)OP for high-risk locations, such as high-consequence areas (HCA) and moderate-consequence areas (MCA), will define future processes to confirm or re-confirm M(A)OP.

ROSEN’s Integrity Solutions portfolio offers specialized data management, integrity assessment and engineering  services for M(A)OP validation, based on the inspection results of ROSEN’s RoMat services. In order to perform meaningful calculations as part of risk assessment programs or fitness-for-service assessments, operators require accurate information down to a single pipe joint. With ROSEN’s latest achievements in data integration and non-destructive testing, the pipe and material property and M(A)OP validation can be utilized to acquire precise results based on accurate data.

ROSEN’s services for pipe and material property and M(A)OP re-confirmation are conceived and designed to support both U.S. and Canadian legislative requirements and – in a broader sense – to fulfill the need for accurate location-specific quantitative data in pipeline Integrity Management.



Close the gap of incomplete pipeline records

ROSEN’s RoMat service suite helps pipeline operators to reveal the uncertainties of their pipeline walls. RoMat completes the pipeline data records without costly excavation and in compliance to regulations. All gathered information will be used within ROSEN’s customized Integrity Management solutions to deliver M(A)OP re-confirmation and accurate quantitative information usable for risk assessment.

Partnering with ROSEN will help you achieving your objectives by:

  • Optimizing the pipelines’ operating pressure
  • Increasing the safety of the pipeline
  • Maximizing efficiency by avoiding unnecessary excavations
  • Minimizing impact on pipeline operations during inspection
  • Extending the asset’s life cycle
  • Complying with regulations

Delivering reliable and flexible solutions that address the challenges of day-to-day pipeline operations is
ROSEN’s way of creating ultimate value for their customers.

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