In-line Inspection Services for Material Verification

RoMat Service Suite

Understanding the material properties of your pipeline assets is not only essential for threat management, but a regulatory requirement. We offer a wide variety of pipeline material verification procedures as part of our RoMat Service Suite. These are based on technologies that are industry proven and produce reliable, high-resolution data that can underpin your holistic pipeline management strategy. 

These procedures are designed to work flexibly around the specifications of your network and can be applied across a range of pipe diameters, flow rates, temperatures and pressures. Our capacity to record, process and analyze the acquired material data makes us your ideal pipeline integrity partner from the planning stage through to remedial work.

Your benefits of our RoMat Service Suite

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 Data acquisition and storage for code compliance

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Multiple services possible in a single inspection run

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Picture of our RoMat PGS tool for in-line high resolution pipe grade determination.

In-line high resolution pipe grade determination

As asset operators, you must keep traceable, verifiable, complete and reliable records of pipeline design and construction. Where traditional pipe sampling methods involve multiple excavations and tests, our award-winning PGS Service can create a comprehensive and reliable pipeline record on the basis of a single in-line inspection.

A picture of pipeline DNA can be built up over consecutive datasets to make additional engineering judgements on pipeline integrity.

Parameters such as pipe diameter, length and wall thickness are measured so that:

  • Ultimate tensile stress and yield strength can be verified against the design
  • Operating pressures can be optimized for greater production
  • The pipe grade can be determined and documented

Inform your pipeline integrity strategy with pipeline material data

  • A PGS inspection run can be scheduled for the same time as your usual in-line inspection, eliminating the expense of additional measurements
  • High availability and a wide range of proven tool configurations addressing individual operational pipeline requirements
  • A periodic characterization of each pipe section and joint will strongly support your asset life extension projects, reducing waste, process downtime and replacement costs

Download our RoMat PGS Service specifications and learn more

Picture of our RoMat DMG tool for In-line detection of volumetric hard spots.

In-line detection of volumetric hard spots

During the manufacturing process, small imperfections are introduced into the crystalline structure of tubular goods used in the construction of pipeline assets. We understand your need and responsibility to manage the risk of these imperfections manifesting as hard spots in your pipeline walls. If left untreated, they can propagate to become cracks.

Our DMG Service accurately detects, measures and classifies internal and external hard spots in your pipeline.

Magnetic flux leakage and eddy current measurements taken during an in-line inspection are comprehensively analyzed for anomalies.

  • Present and future threats are identified to manage asset integrity
  • Hard spots are categorized to optimize your response strategy
  • Two test technologies in one inspection run for minimum intrusion

Comprehensive multi-sensor data gathering to inform threat management strategies

  • Reliable measurement data on location, dimensions and absolute hardness allows for a comprehensive approach to hard spot threat analysis, monitoring and correction
  • Technical support available at all phases of the testing, from planning and execution of the inspection to data evaluation and asset integrity review
  • A single in-line inspection run can also incorporate metal loss and pipe grade testing at the same time for a multifaceted pipeline integrity test

Download our RoMat DMG Service specifications and learn more

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RoMat PGS for pipe grade determination

RoMat DMG for hard spot detection