For more than 35 years, the ROSEN Group has delivered inspection and integrity services to onshore and offshore pipeline operators around the world. Technology, innovation, and service excellence have made ROSEN the leading pipeline inspection provider with operations in more than 120 countries.

Since the introduction of inline inspection tools (ILI) more than 50 years ago, there have always been pipelines that were considered unpiggable. Typically, it is a combination of various circumstances relating to pipeline design, operating conditions, and/or characteristics of the medium that prevents a successful inline inspection using traditional methods. At ROSEN, however, we refuse to accept this as a fact. This is why we have dedicated an entire diagnostics division to finding ILI solutions for what we refer to as challenging pipelines.

With its global presence, our Challenging Pipeline Diagnostics Division provides the industry with tailored solutions, backed by ROSEN’s comprehensive technology portfolio. Decades of developing and deploying optimized sensor technology for the detection and sizing of geometric anomalies, metal loss, and cracks give us the flexibility to act upon your expectations.

The technologies and products that ROSEN employs are developed and manufactured in-house, and our own experts perform the assessment, preparation, field execution, data analysis and reporting. This allows ROSEN to secure the highest quality of deliverables for our customers.


The Challenge

Your Unique Challenging Pipeline

In working closely with our customers, it often becomes clear that it is not simply one hurdle that prevents the use of traditional inspection equipment and technologies. Commonly, the complication lies in the combination of various circumstances which must be overcome. Issues directly arising from these assets often refer to accessibility, negotiability, and operating conditions. Further challenges relate to pipeline cleanliness, tool tracking, and risk mitigation. Though challenges vary from one pipeline to the next, the most common include: 

  • Access or passage restrictions related to pipeline design, e.g. bends, length, T’s or missing launchers and receivers, etc.
  • Condition of the pipeline, e.g. pressure, flow, cleanliness, etc.
  • Properties of the product being transported, e.g. temperature, multi-phase, etc.

As each challenge is unique, building a specific tool for each solution is not feasible. Therefore, a flexible approach is needed, that can be adapted to each individual case.

The Solution

Our Approach

With access to the most advanced technology of today, and the experience resulting from successfully inspecting over 160,000 kilometers of pipelines per year, ROSEN’s Solution Experts are well-equipped to explore solutions aimed to tackle a wide range of challenges. Our competence is built on more than three decades of company experience in the inline inspection business, resulting in a wealth of knowledge that allows us to understand the special requirements of successfully inspecting challenging pipelines.

ROSEN’s Solution Experts have a clear understanding of the value pipelines represent. Therefore, they will visit your facilities and meet face-to-face with the personnel directly responsible for the operation of the pipeline to review and assess all available information. Detailed analysis of your challenging pipeline enables us to propose the best possible solution together with rated alternatives.

The key to the optimal solution is the “ROSEN Toolbox” approach. It consists of complementing units, such as technologies, methods, and market knowledge, which together enable our Solution Experts to optimally address each challenge. We aim to provide tailored solutions that not only give operators the means to have the pipeline inspected, but also, when required, to provide a comprehensive integrity assessment.

Our solutions are designed using technologies that are developed in-house and further customized to each individual application. This enables us to successfully inspect your pipeline, manage time constraints and project costs, all while delivering the highest-quality data sets under demanding operating conditions. Additionally, we incorporate various fail-safe mechanisms into our solutions in order to minimize the risks associated with inspection. A typical solution package for a challenging pipeline service consists of various elements, including:

  • Engineering studies and project management
  • Comprehensive pipeline preparation, cleaning and sediment profiling
  • The most suitable sensor technology, including MFL, UT, EMAT, EC, etc.1
  • Specialized tools, including free-swimming, robotic, tethered, etc.
  • All necessary auxiliary equipment, including temporary traps, pumps, etc.
  • Tool tracking and monitoring systems
  • Best-quality data collection under adverse inspection circumstances

1MFL: Magnetic Flux Leakage; UT: Ultrasonic Testing; EMAT: Electro-Magnetic Acoustic Transducer; EC: Eddie Current


The Benefit

Your Gain

For more than 35 years, ROSEN has provided reliable inspection solutions to pipeline operators throughout the world. Partnering with ROSEN means working closely with our experienced personnel and benefiting from their competence in performing successful inspections. We will help you achieve your goals by:

  •  Maximizing pipeline uptime and sustaining or even increasing product throughput
  •  Complying with current and upcoming safety standards and regulations
  • Managing public perception in the pursuit of zero incidents
  • Extending asset lifetime
  • Safeguarding the environment
  • Optimizing maintenance processes

This is our way of creating ultimate value for our customers, while making ROSEN the most reliable, competitive and flexible solutions provider — a partner you can trust.


The Toolbox

As each challenge is unique, building a specific tool for each solution is not always feasible. In response, the “ROSEN Toolbox” incorporates complementing units, components, methods and market knowledge which together enable our Solution Experts to optimally address each challenge.

Our Toolbox approach extends into the depths of the entire organization, enabling all innovations, technologies, and experiences to be considered when creating tailored solutions.

This ultimate tool allows us to find the best, most flexible solution for your challenging pipeline.

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