Our Approach

ROSEN’s Materials Verification Framework offers a complete solution through every step of the comprehensive process, from defining the current status to achieving full compliance and beyond. Understanding that every pipeline is different, each element of the framework is applied as needed – creating a customizable solution.

Pipeline Material Verification Framework

Understanding integrity threats is key to establishing a strategy for the Materials Verification process. Threats can be identified based on existing inspection data or susceptibility analysis, and are aligned with the records’ status to determine critical gaps in material property information.

Selecting the appropriate in-line inspection (ILI) system constitutes a complete and traceable means to closing the gap in material property information and providing the right data for integrity engineering.

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The Material Verification process is progressed through an optimized program of primarily non-destructive testing (NDT), performed in excavations. Testing is conducted with a specific scope and in locations that are available opportunistically or designed specifically to gather the data relevant to the requirement. Where needed, it makes sense to combine NDT with laboratory-based testing to support the verification of pipeline material properties.

ROSEN assists in creating a comprehensive review and alignment of records, which is essential in breaking down the specific implications for your pipeline system into manageable processes based on an understanding of the quality of existing records in the context of integrity threats. ROSEN assists by including, digitizing and assimilating information into a structured format to be integrated into the operator’s system of record.

Every Pipeline Materials Verification project is a consultancy project, unique in itself, and conducted and delivered as a complete service to ensure you really have the most accurate understanding of your pipeline.

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