key advantages

  • Extending asset lifespan
  • Optimizing maintenance processes
  • Safe operation / structural integrity of pipeline
  • Significant reduction of drying activities
  • Cost optimization

The Solution

ROSEN’s pre-commissioning pigs offer superior cleaning & sealing performance over competitor products and are widely used in critical pre-commissioning projects where quality and performance matters. Right after the installation of their pipeline, operators must undertake flooding, cleaning, and gauging operations in order to clean the asset from post-construction debris, verify its internal diameter as per industry standards, and to verify the asset integrity following hydro-testing. Following a pressure test, the pipeline needs to be efficiently dewatered and prepared for drying. If these activities are not conducted properly, pipelines may become prone to corrosion issues during operation. Additionally, hydrate formation might occur in gas lines.

Based on geometrical features, pipeline diameter, and individual operating conditions, the most suitable solution must be selected for efficient flooding, cleaning and gauging, and dewatering activities. Options range from one single pig to a train of customized bi-directional cleaning pigs with optimized configurations. We possess years of experience in providing best in class pre-commissioning solutions for major global projects. Furthermore, our tools are equipped with our in-house formulated RoPlasthan polyurethane material, which offers extremely high wear resistance and superior sealing performance. The combination of industry-renowned expertise and outstanding technology enables ROSEN to provide ideal and efficient cleaning services with optimized drying time. This, in turn, allows for quicker commissioning, and ultimately results in less cost expenditure for the commissioning contractor and operator.