Our Service Offer

ROSEN’s engineers design suitable high-performance solutions considering:

  • unique pipeline design or complex geometry
  • non-optimal operating conditions such as high-temperature environments, adverse flow conditions (e.g. slug flow)
  • heavy-duty debris removal such as black powder, heavy paraffin wax, etc.

From pre-commissioning cleaning of new pipelines to hydrocarbon removal solutions for pipelines being de-commissioned, or for those special projects where a tailor-made tool is required, ROSEN has the knowledge, expertise and in-house capability to deliver a solution that addresses every aspect of the challenge.

Examples include, but are not limited to, design adjustments for subsea launching and recovery purposes, provision of high-performance tracking technologies, incorporation of housings for onboard tracking equipment, latching systems, pressure bypass systems, speed control measures and many more.

Our Product Suite

Our RoClean suite for advanced applications includes RoClean Active. This all-inclusive service line includes solutions for black powder removal, controlled liquids removal, and the provision of speed and bypass controlled cleaning solutions. Additionally we provide dual & multi-diameter line cleaning technologies and SMART (Pipeline Condition Monitoring) Cleaning Services.

Your Benefits

  • Maximization of operational efficiency by maintaining flow rates
  • Minimized downtime due to optimized solution
  • Safe operations to ensure the structural integrity of the pipeline