Our Service Offer

As part of our maintenance service we:

  • Understand your pipeline, reviewing system geometry, transport medium, type of debris to be removed, debris loading, and its distribution
  • Design an appropriate cleaning program including the careful selection of cleaning tools
  • Provide operational support including tracking and data collection
  • Equip Operators with diagnostic feedback of cleaning progress and effectiveness

Our Product Suite

Cup and disc tools can be fitted with an array of cleaning support elements, including but not limited to brushes, magnets, descaling and dewaxing equipment, as well as geometric gauging plates and bend detection technologies.
Our RoClean suite for maintenance includes:

  • RoClean Easy – used for general cleaning applications such as batching, removal of liquids, light debris removal
  • RoClean Ultimate – used for demanding cleaning challenges and recommended for cleaning prior to intelligent pipeline inspection
  • RoClean Heavy Duty – used for heavy cleaning needs, specifically to remove stubborn deposits comprising of e.g. paraffin wax, asphaltenes, scales etc.

Furthermore, all tools can be equipped with ROSEN-developed instrumentation including transmitters for tracking or pipeline data loggers to record operational data and cleaning effectiveness. ATEX/Ex compliant tools are commonplace in ROSEN’s portfolio of electronic instruments.

Your Benefits

  • Maximization of operational efficiency -> maintaining flow rates
  • Reduction of operational costs -> efficient energy expended
  • Extension of pipeline lifetime -> effective corrosion management
  • Efficient chemical expenditure -> effective debris removal ensuring efficient inhibitor application
  • Improved product quality -> reduced product contamination
  • Safe operations -> Ensuring the structural integrity of the pipeline