Pipeline Rehabilitation

key advantages

  • Expert support at all stages of a repair cycle, planning, validation, selection & design, QA of installations and life extension
  • Beyond mere mitigation to actual understanding of the root causes of pipeline damage
  • Bespoke repair design, modelling both defect and repair as a single system
  • Safe, cost-effective solutions with minimal disruption of the pipeline’s operation

The Solution

A planned and structured rehabilitation strategy is a critical component in overcoming damages and ensuring pipeline integrity.

ROSEN’s integrity engineering consultancy services help operators fully identify the type, root cause and severity of the features, and to determine the timing of required actions. For damages that require immediate attention, ROSEN considers the feasibility of rehabilitation vs. replacement, the type of rehabilitation and the rehabilitation schedule.  

Drawing on their combined expertise in various integrity disciplines, ROSEN supports operators in:

  • implementing emergency pipeline repair systems to respond to any damage in the shortest time possible
  • reviewing and validating repair methods
  • developing repair manuals to ensure optimal interaction of all parties involved in pipeline repair
  • identifying, understanding and mitigating potential failure modes associated with pipeline repair
  • reviewing non-standard repair applications
  • identifying the origin of raw materials
  • overcoming even complex pipeline integrity challenges with large numbers of critical features
  • producing company technical standards and procedures
  • extending the life of in-service repairs

In this way, ROSEN assists operators in extending the operating life of critical pipelines in a cost-effective manner.


Our expertise in a wide range of integrity disciplines, such as corrosion, coatings, geotechnics, materials, defect assessment, stress analysis, technology qualification and field-intervention, enables us to provide operators with cost-benefit analyses and cost-effective solutions for the rehabilitation and management of their pipeline for long-term service.