Zero Incidents and Optimal Asset Performance

Industrial assets must safely and reliably deliver optimal performance. To maintain the perfect balance requires a comprehensive understanding of the current and projected future condition, as well as the measures that will ensure a sustainable future.

Asset integrity and process optimization double loop with the words "Plan", "Do", "Check", "Act", "Set".

A balanced and sustainable framework

Our approach includes two uniquely defined loops, based on a plan, do, check, act and set process. Each loop identifies a specific goal, while bringing together technology, methods, and consultancy. This management system’s primary objective is to create strategies, execute these strategies in accordance with policy, review any actions for effectiveness, and use those results to adapt. Our approach is modular, so we can select relevant elements towards achieving goals and making decisions. Each time we go through the process, new opportunities for improvement emerge. The process optimization loop focuses on maximizing productivity of assets at optimized cost. The asset integrity loop focuses on extending the lifetime on an asset in the most reliable, safe and cost-effective manner. Ensuring each assets withstands the test of time.

Stakeholder expectations

This input into the loop ensures inputs are secured and understood. These include policies, standards, resources, as well as industry regulations and standards.

Decision support

This step allows for continued performance management or any necessary management of change actions.

Creating structure from complexity

For any given asset, in this step, we gather and compile data, complete risk assessments, create a risk management plan, and an emergency preparedness plan. It allows us to be best prepared for what is to come.

Execute safely and reliably

This step includes monitoring, testing, and inspection. This is where threat and anomaly management focuses on acute integrity needs and mitigation plans are created.

Check within policies

This step audits and reviews the system against policies, regulations, and KPIs already in place.

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