key advantages

  • Increase of the integrity and life time of the pipeline and installations.
  • Effective Cleaning in reduced number of runs.
  • Improvement of the transportation performance of the pipeline (reduced differential pressure –reduced costs).
  • Optimized filter change intervals.
  • Improved quality control of the delivered product.
  • Continuous control of pipeline condition.
  • High quality service with certified processes (API 1163), personnel qualification (ASNT) and equipment (CE, ATEX).

The Solution

ROSEN’s new technology successfully combines the advantages of regular cleaning tools with those of magnetic inspection tools, as well as incorporating a specifically developed bypass and flushing system.
Central feature of the concept is a bypass flow that runs through the middle of the tool. The accelerated central flow creates a negative pressure inducing a flow through the suction tubes. The evacuated medium flows into the bypass nozzle from where it is transported downstream. Due to a special flow guidance by replacing the evacuated volume, a Vortex flow is created in the  brush suction area.
Finally, the combined flow through the tool creates a flushing effect in the downstream area and supports particle transportation.

Service options

  • Effective cleaning – Less runs for clean pipeline
  • Adapted program – Cleaning for actual condition and goal
  • Versatile tool – Tool can be adapted to a wide range of run
    and pipeline conditions
  • Support Wheels – centralization and rotation
  • Cups or discs – sealing
  • Brushes with magnets – cleaning and differential pressure
  • Jet pump principle – suction and dust transportation
  • Bypass Vortex flow – cleaning efficiency