key advantages

  • Accurate and precise detection and sizing of shallow internal corrosion by high density of eddy current sensors and high sampling rates.
  • High precision geometry mapping and dent sizing using contour following sensor technology even at tough operational conditions.
  • Accurate discrete stress and strain gridding derived from high resolution inspection raw data.
  • Quantitative determination of scale, debris and wax achieved by touch less pipeline surface sensing.
  • Lifetime integrity management supported by full recording of the complete inspection raw data.
  • High availability and a wide range of proven tool configurations addressing individual operational pipeline requirements.
  • High quality service with certified processes (API 1163), personnel qualification (ASNT) and equipment (CE, ATEX).


The Solution

RoCombo IEC/XT is based on the Eddy Current Principle, a well established, reliable inspection method with high sensitivity and accuracy. Eddy currents are generated when a conductor is exposed to a changing primary magnetic field due to the motion of the field source (SIC sensor with coil system) relative to the conductor (pipe wall) or due to variations of the field over time. This can cause a distribution of circular  currents in the pipe body which are concentrated near the pipe wall surface adjacent to the exciting coil. These circulating eddies induce secondary magnetic fields that oppose the change of the original magnetic field in accordance with Lenz’s law of electromagnetic induction. The mutual inductance between the coil system and the conductor then results in a characteristic signal. The presence of metal loss disturbs the EC field, causing a change in the signal which is used to determine feature dimensions and severity.
In addition the eddy current measurement component is combined with a deflection sensor that allows for simultaneous measurement of the inner pipeline contour. Thus, not only corrosion but also deformations can be captured in one run.


service options

All aspects from the inspection request to the final report are covered with the flexibility to choose from various service options.

  • Cleaning – operational and pre inspection
  • Speed Control – inspection at high flow rates
  • XYZ – route mapping and strain analysis
  • Multi-Diameter – pipelines with varying diameter
  • Offshore – long distance and high pressure
  • Post ILI – data alignment and combined evaluation
  • Integrity – RBI, FFP, CGA
  • NIMA – Asset Integrity Management Software