rocombo mfl-a_utwm

key advantages

  • Accurate and precise feature classification and sizing utilizing the strength of piezo electrically generated ultrasound and magnetic saturation, high sensor density, high sampling rates and triaxial magnetic field analysis.
  • RSTRENG compliant river bottom profile assessment by high resolution quantitative wall thickness measurement.
  • Lifetime integrity management supported by full recording of the complete inspection raw data, e.g. A-scan, B-scan and C-scan.
  • Characterization of contamination, e.g. debris, wax or paraffin, by sophisticated analysis of the A-scan data.
  • High quality service with certified processes (API 1163), personnel qualification (ASNT) and equipment (CE, ATEX).

The Solution

ROSEN understands and adopts customer requirements to protect the investment in infrastructure as well as the obligations directed by governmental organizations. 
Of the shelf ready to use as well as custom made solutions for challenging application summarizes the MFL/UTWM capabilities. A worldwide service network will bring the advantages of RoCombo MFL-A/UTWM to barely any location. The ROSEN experience assures highest quality whenever and wherever needed.

RoCombo MFL-A/UTWM inspection tools are designed to apply high level magnetization in combination with high power ultrasonic waves in sizes ranging from 6”-56”. The combination of two NDT application brings the best of both to bear. The tool takes advantages of single strength as well as exploiting synergies for customer benefits. Continuously improved technology and application reaching form NDT-sensor to data evaluation software puts ROSEN at the leading edge.

service options

All aspects from the inspection request to the final report are covered with the flexibility to choose from various service options.

  • Cleaning – operational and pre inspection
  • Speed Control – inspection at high flow rates
  • XYZ – route mapping and strain analysis
  • Multi-Diameter – pipelines with varying diameter
  • Offshore – long distance and high pressure
  • Post ILI – data alignment and combined evaluation
  • Integrity – RBI, FFP, CGA
  • NIMA – Asset Integrity Management Software