key advantages

  • Reliable identification and sizing of pipeline ID anomalies
  • Confirmation of pipeline piggability
  • Optimization of data quality of subsequent inspections

The Solution

To detect and size any internal diameter (ID) anomaly in compliance to regulations and standards the ROSEN Group offers the RoGeo MD Service. It is designed to inspect the as-built quality of your pipeline, locate hidden third party damages and to confirm free passage for other subsequently used cleaning or in-line inspection tools.

Obstructions are identified, sized and located by using a state of the art measurement system. The RoGeo MD Service tool is equipped with numerous calipers, ensuring outstanding detection capabilities and sizing performance. Furthermore, the optimized sensor design enables full circumferential and axial coverage. Thus, dents, buckles, bends and wrinkles, as well as other ID changes and installations, such as valves, tees, flanges and welds, can be reliably identified and sized. This helps ensure the success of subsequent inspections, as those features can cause significant changes in tool velocity, which may impact data quality negatively. In addition to the geometric data of features, the RoGeo MD service also provides auxiliary data relating to operating conditions such as speed and temperature.

An additional damping element significantly reduces lift-off behavior, and state-of-the-art passage capabilities enable the inspection of pipelines with up to 22 percent ID reduction. Also its tailored mechanical sensor arms (calipers) ensure highest robustness and sensitivity as well as minimized lift off behavior even for higher inspections speeds. RoGeo MD is a robust and cost-effective approach to surveying the geometric quality of your pipeline ranging from 4” to 56” in ID.


All aspects from the inspection request to the final report are covered with the flexibility to choose from a wide range of service options, for example:

  • Cleaning – operational and pre inspection
  • Offshore – long distance and high pressure
  • Post ILI – data alignment and combined evaluation
  • XYZ – route mapping and strain analysis