key advantages

  • Provision of precise centerline data
  • Identification of areas of high bending strain and movement
  • More efficient planning of field activities like maintenance work and field verifications

The Solution

Our high-resolution mapping services provide precise information on the pipe route that can be integrated into the customer’s GIS. The RoGeo XYZ service is a cost-effective way of producing pipeline drawings when original construction drawings may not be available. The tool can run through remote and inaccessible areas where conventional above-ground mapping surveys are impractical. In addition to providing information on the pipeline’s position, RoGeo XYZ data serves as the basis for performing bending strain and pipeline movement assessments. These services are critical for addressing areas where the pipeline may have been influenced by ground movement such as landslides or settlement, or anchor strikes in offshore waters. When combined with other in-line inspection services, the RoGeo XYZ service provides critical data necessary to properly address pipeline buckles or depth of cover.

A gyro survey measures and maps the pipeline in three dimensions to give a precise depiction of its route and profile. A gyroscopic inertial measurement unit (IMU) on-board an inspection tool measures angular and linear velocity changes in the X, Y and Z axes as the tool moves through the pipeline. Gyro inspection enables the coordinates for girth welds and features to be calculated and recorded while also determining the radius of bends and identifying any departures from the as-built condition.

Service Options

All aspects from the inspection request to the final report are covered with the flexibility to choose from various service options.

  • Cleaning – operational and pre inspection
  • Speed Control – inspection at high flow rates
  • Multi-Diameter – pipelines with varying diameter
  • BiDi – single entry pipelines
  • Offshore – long distance and high pressure
  • Post ILI – data alignment and combined evaluation
  • Integrity – RBI, FFP, CGA and dent strain analysis
  • Reporting Software – reporting and data management
  • NIMA – Asset Integrity Management Software