Pipeline Debris

Pipeline diameters and operating pressures are carefully optimized at the design stage. However, operating parameters change over time, as does the consistency of the media being transported and the environmental conditions within the pipeline. 

Chemical reactions between liquids and gases can leave deposits such as paraffin waxes, corrosion and erosion products, water hardness scales, emulsions, hydrates, and produced sand fines on the internal walls. Unchecked, the thickness of these deposits can reduce the internal area of the pipe. Your operators will need to boost pressures to maintain production, increasing energy costs and demands on pipework networks. 

Effective cleaning and debris removal is therefore a vital component of any pipeline integrity and throughput management strategy.

Interior of a dirty pipeline.

Reducing pressure on pipes and budgets 

Published data indicates that a 5% reduction in internal area reduces throughput by as much as 35%. To overcome this restriction, a 140% increase in pressure is needed to maintain productivity.

Debris build up can restrict or block pipelines, or impact the proper functioning of valves and sensors. It can also support under corrosion attack on the pipe wall, which undermines the integrity and safe operation of your asset. Routine maintenance pigging can prevent this and minimize the need for expensive repairs, system shut down and loss of throughput.

We have a cleaning removal solution for the most difficult of debris problems which impact pipeline operators. The result of three decades in the business of pipe cleaning and descaling pipes, our tools and procedures provide a flexible, science-driven approach to removing the most troublesome deposits and stubborn debris. This approach restores system throughput capacities and reduces operating costs.

Take our knowledge home with you 

Our product range is the widest on the market with a solution available for the most challenging of pipelines. Supporting the expert design is a worldwide network of technical support engineers available to assist with any aspect of your pipe cleaning and debris removal work scopes. 

We offer a complete end-to-end solution and can execute tasks on your behalf to the highest standards in the industry. In addition to providing a full cleaning and turnkey service utilizing the best in class pigging products and methodologies in the business, we offer for sale a range of cleaning pigs and instruments. Operators are comfortable running these tools themselves as part of an ongoing maintenance program.

With comprehensive support available to customers across the globe, you can purchase and operate our equipment with complete confidence. 

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