Pipeline Engineering Consultancy

Asset integrity loop with the words "Plan", "Do", "Check", "Act", "Set" with "Do" colored in dark blue.

Pipeline integrity management can be difficult. No matter what targets are set, or how good the plans are, problems can arise during day to day activities. Maintaining full and uninterrupted production, ensuring operational safety of assets and predicting remaining asset life are all key outcomes of an asset integrity management system.

Employee looking at computer screen showing charts.

Significant defects may be found in areas where repair is very disruptive, for example underneath a major highway. Active integrity threats that are hard to predict and control may be identified, for example landslides. Expert engineering consultancy services available on demand ensure that options can be identified, analyses can be completed and action can be taken quickly and effectively.

Two employees wearing protective goggles stand in a corridor of a laboratory and look together at a clipboard.

Consultancy coupled to testing

Supporting our principal engineers in their knowledge and ability to provide validated consultancy service is our practical approach to testing. Extensive testing and laboratory capabilities ranging from fatigue and burst testing, to detailed metallurgical analysis, allows us to understand situations, test options, prove approaches and reduce uncertainties.

Our consultancy services

We are ready to step in and provide the specialist technical expertise and input or 'Consultancy as a Service' needed to address any pipeline integrity challenge.
Our principal engineers cover all relevant disciplines and actively support operators worldwide with every conceivable issue.