A Career in Data Analysis

Since our beginnings in 1981, much of our work has to do with data, and we have continued to develop our expertise in obtaining and using key data for the services we provide. Our data analysis teams provide high-level technical support to our business and our customers. If you have strong software skills, enjoy spending time at a computer screen, and have excellent communication and analytical skills, then a career in our data analysis teams could be for you.

Three people look together at a screen that shows data sets and codes.

Key to decision making

Our in-line inspection tools collect magnetic, geometric, ultrasonic and other data from the world’s pipeline networks. Our data analysts use this data to determine the presence of pipeline anomalies such as corrosion, dents or cracking. Once identified, the anomalies are classified and sized using complex algorithms. When the pipeline data is fully evaluated, the analyst generates an inspection report, and this data is key to decision making in safety and pipeline integrity processes.

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Do you have what it takes?

Using the latest bespoke software and training programs, our teams analyze and visualize mountains of data every day to provide concise and meaningful insights. Progression in this critical area of our business includes development in multiple different types of inspection tool data and onto more complex projects, supervising and training colleagues, and serving as the interface between analysis and engineering or customer teams.

Our current Data Analysis vacancies are listed below – do you have what it takes?

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Cristiane's career with us took place in both Brazil and the Netherlands. Learn more about her career path and continuous development.
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