Cristiane, Work Group Lead, Oldenzaal

It all started in 2001, when Cristiane joined us straight after her university graduation. Her first two years were shared between Rio De Janeiro and Oldenzaal, Netherlands, as we did not yet have a Brazilian base, despite important projects with South American pipeline operators. In 2003, she decided it was a good opportunity to relocate permanently to the Netherlands as she had grown to love the country and culture. Meet Christiane and learn more about her continuous career development.
Picture of Cristiane Mansilha Elias.

New opportunities at different locations

In 2009, Cristiane worked for six months in the new office in the United Kingdom. In 2012, she was then given the opportunity to go back to Brazil and become the Head of the Evaluation department for ROSEN South America. In her five years there, she was given a new opportunity to hire and train a team of new data analysts and she really enjoyed mentoring them and seeing the progress they made.

Continuous career development

Back in the Netherlands, she became Work Group Lead in the ROSEN EU Evaluation department in 2022, working very closely on projects with our offices in Mumbai and Newcastle, UK, which is challenging but brings great variety.

Even though Cristiane has a degree in engineering and has progressed through the technical levels to Data Analyst Level 3, she very much enjoys her current position in this resourcing lead role and continues to develop, which is important to her.

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