Kamal, Sectorial Business Line Manager, KSA

Kamal is one of our longest-serving employees in the Middle East region. He became aware of us when he worked elsewhere in our industry. He witnessed our quality and knowledge, skills and capabilities accomplished during a big project with us and that made him want to join us more than 25 years ago. What has enriched his experience with us is that he has taken on a number of roles during those two decades. He started as a Survey Engineer, then Maintenance Manager, then Operations Manager and finally Sectorial Business Line Manager – Saudi Arabia (KSA). Meet Kamal and learn more about what he likes most about ROSEN.
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Diverse challenges

The challenges he regularly faces in his work are diverse and sometimes out of his control, such as unexpected schedule changes that can affect long established plans. To handle this issue and prevent consequences, Kamal points out the importance of staying close to the customer and always being proactive.

Great company spirit

The thing that he likes most about us is that all our employees work in harmony with one another. In addition, employees feel most welcome when they have inquires or when they want to make suggestions – a kind of spirit that he has not found in any other company. He believes that the term “ROSEN family” is very appropriate to describe the relationship with his co-workers.

Aside from his professional life, he enjoys walking and running. Kamal follows a daily walking schedule, which helps him to stay fit. Another one of his many hobbies is music.

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