Tobias, People Integration and Mobility Specialist, Lingen

As a global company, our colleagues also have the opportunity to work at other locations for a certain period of time. When international colleagues come to ROSEN in Germany, Tobias has been helping them settle in and feel at home since January 2021. His study in International Business and Cultural Area Studies led him to want to work with different cultures, languages, and, above all, people. 

Two ROSEN colleagues sitting together in a meeting room.

“ROSEN means to me, multiculturalism, challenges and creativity.”

Living in a new country can be both exciting and challenging. Whether you are an expatriate, a student, or a visitor, we know that starting in Germany can be difficult at times. For this reason, Tobias, as a People Integration and Mobility Specialist, takes care of our international new hires and helps them adapt to their new cultural environment. From assisting with visas and residence permits to offering internal language courses, their focus is on making your journey comfortable.

Feeling at home through various initiatives

“Our commitment goes beyond day-to-day assistance as we strive to foster a sense of belonging by organizing local events, language exchange programs, and cultural initiatives. We believe that by building connections within the community, your time in Germany will not only be a memorable chapter in your life, but also an opportunity for personal growth and enrichment.” Below, you can find some of the initiatives at ROSEN.

Several people sit together at tables in the ROSEN office in Lingen, Germany.

Language learning

At ROSEN in Germany, we work with colleagues from over 60 different nations, bringing together a wide variety of languages and diverse cultures from all over the world. We know that language is one of the most crucial factors of integration in Germany. That is why we offer a variety of German and English courses for different levels. One of our latest additions is the "Language Café" – a vibrant initiative designed to promote cultural exchange, language learning, and community building right in the heart of our workplace!

Man placing his inked thumb on a poster with many colored fingerprints and handprints and the slogan Colors of ROSEN.

Colors of ROSEN

Colorful lights, international culinary delights, flags from all over the world and flowers in a wide variety of colors adorned our company restaurant in Lingen, Germany, at the first edition of our intercultural event "Colors of ROSEN" in 2023. While the scent of exotic spices was in the air and unfamiliar sounds could be heard, we celebrated our multiculturalism. 


Our “People Integration and Mobility” newsletter provides our colleagues with a consistent dose of language learning tips, integration updates and cultural tips. Employees can stay informed about upcoming events where they can meet, projects, and initiatives promoting integration and language skills. 

Three people sitting side by side talking to each other, one woman sitting in a wheel chair.

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Diversity, equity and inclusion allows us to open our minds to a variety of viewpoints and to tackle the challenges of the future.

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