Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

We have always embraced diversity, equity and inclusion. This allows us to open our eyes and minds to a variety of approaches and viewpoints. It also enables us to tackle the challenges of the future and find the best solutions.

Portrait of Thomas Eichner, Head of HR, ROSEN Group
Our cultural diversity motivates our employees everyday. It enables them to unleash creativity and brings a unique, collective strength.
Thomas Eichner, Head of Corporate Human Resources, ROSEN Group
IT programmers brainstorming in a modern office.

We are multicultural

We always strive to attract, develop and retain exceptional people. Our employees are drawn from over 75 nationalities and work together in teams at different locations around the world. Cultural and interdisciplinary diversity is essential for inventiveness, creativity and productivity. This diversity helps us to better connect with our partners and deliver the best solutions.

Senior and apprentice engineers working in power station.

We are ageless

Our culture is built on trust, inclusion and understanding. This culture allows our multigenerational workforce to thrive. We believe that mentoring, expert career planning and colleague-to-colleague learning is one of the best ways to develop employee skills. Collaboration and sharing experiences help enhance organizational performance and agility.

Photo of a group of business people standing in a circle at a conference, talking and networking.

We make it fit

Talent and personal fit are key. We build a structure around the individual as we believe this drives the best results. We encourage diversity in any aspect and support internal and external empowerment networks.

Several women and men in business clothes are sitting next to each other, laughing at each other and clapping their hands.

We value everyone

Regardless of your nationality, gender, age, sexual orientation, etc., you can expect a welcoming environment where your individual potential is nurtured on the basis of mutual respect and appreciation. We celebrate differences, but at the same time place great value on equal opportunities for all and a working environment in  which people feel they belong.

Portrait of Christine Suelmann
Working with colleagues from different backgrounds, who all bring their perspectives and skills to the table, really contributes to the success of our projects and the company.
Christine Suelmann, Head of Factory, ROSEN Group
Two ROSEN colleagues sitting together in a meeting room.

We make people feel at home

Tobias Stahl, our People and Integration Mobility Specialist in Germany, supports employees who work abroad. For him, openness, patience and empathy are very important to help our employees feel at home.
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