Company Management

Our company management team draws on its diverse expertise and visionary leadership. With a shared commitment to innovation and excellence, they foster growth and ensure long-term success.

Portrait of Holger Hennerkes, Co-Chief Executive Officer (Co-CEO)
Holger Hennerkes
Co-Chief Executive Officer (Co-CEO)

Portrait of Erik Cornelissen, Co-Chief Executive Officer (Co-CEO)
Erik Cornelissen
Co-Chief Executive Officer (Co-CEO)
Portrait of Markus Brors, Chief Technology Officer (CTO)
Markus Brors
Chief Technology Officer (CTO)
Portrait of Jan Frowijn, Chief Operations Officer (COO) - North America
Jan Frowijn
Chief Operating Officer (COO) North and Central America
Portrait of Roland Palmer-Jones, Chief Operations Officer (COO) - Central Business
Roland Palmer-Jones
Chief Operating Officer (COO) Central Business
Portrait of Chris Yoxall, Chief Operations Officer (COO) - Rest of World
Chris Yoxall
Chief Operating Officer (COO) Asia Pacific, Europe, Middle East and South America
Portrait of Roland Kampe, Chief Legal Officer (CLO)
Roland Kampe
Chief Legal and Compliance Officer (CLO)
Portrait of Daniela Schomaker, Chief Administrative Officer (CAO)
Daniela Schomaker
Chief Administrative Officer (CAO)
Portrait of Oliver Kille, Chief Finance Officer (CFO)
Oliver Kille
Chief Financial Officer (CFO)