ROSEN in the USA, Mexico and Central America

Servicing the industry from a variety of locations in the United States, Mexico and Central America we recognize this vast region has many specific regional needs. Dedicated service lines fully housed in the regions allows us to understand these needs. With an excellent understanding of the local regulatory landscape we are able to offer dedicated services, such as our R3 service. In addition, we are able to handle the maintenance, set-up, and reconfiguration of our in-line inspection tools locally, as well as local data analysis for all technologies. Our location in Mexico City boasts an extensive integrity analysis team.

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Resource and affinity groups in the United States

Our US based Employee Resource Groups are dedicated to providing support, enhancing career development, and contributing to the personal development in the work environment for employees who have similar life experiences. These groups include Women of ROSEN, Veterans Group, and a LGBTQ+ Group. Affinity groups link employees with a common purpose or interest and play a vital role in ensuring an inclusive environment where all are valued, included, and empowered to succeed. Examples of affinity groups are: Toastmasters, short story writers, bird watchers, and runners.

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Gallagher’s 2022 Best-in-Class Employer & Best Place for Working Parents 2023

We are extremely proud to be recognized as Best-in-Class for our comprehensive benefits, compensation and HR programs. We take pride in our ROSEN Culture and in continually providing our most valuable assets our employees with affordable and robust programs.

Local leadership

Neil Pain 

Vice President, Business Resourcing USA, Mexico and Central America

Michael Rethman

Vice President, Business Execution USA, Mexico and Central America

Joel Coleman

Vice President, Business Collaboration USA, Mexico and Central America 

Gustavo Nunez

Director, Business Collaboration Mexico and Central America 

Open positions in USA, Mexico and Central America

Join a team dedicated to ensuring critical infrastructure and the supply of energy is efficient, protected and reliable! Be part of an organization driven by innovation and empowered by technology.

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Locations in the United States and Mexico


ROSEN USA serves the United States through its flagship office in Houston, Texas. Houston serves as the corporate headquarters for many national and international energy companies, making it the ideal location from which to support these customers, as well as those in other industries.

ROSEN USA – Branch Office Gahanna (OH)

The Advanced Services facility, located in Gahanna Ohio, operates under the support of the ROSEN USA flagship office in Houston. Our facility in Ohio was established in 2014 to serve the market with the latest EMAT and UTCD technologies. 

Situated just outside of Columbus, Ohio, our facility is strategically located to gain coverage of operations within the mid-west and north-eastern parts of the United States while being conveniently located near key customers.

H. Rosen de Mexico, S. de R.L., de C.V.

H. Rosen de Mexico, S. de R.L., de C.V. is an operating unit within the ROSEN Group responsible for servicing clients across Mexico and most of Central America.

H. Rosen de Mexico, S. de R.L., de C.V. – Branch Office Veracruz

Since 1995 H. Rosen de Mexico, S. de R.L., de C.V. Veracruz has been present in México, our facility is now managing operations and resources.