R³ Service

Mobile ILI service

Our R³ Service is responsive, rapid and reliable. It provides you with near real-time inspection data, which enables you to take fast remedial action against pipeline performance loss. Available in the United States, the R³ Service deploys the largest and most flexible fleet of ILI tools for the next-day delivery of your pipeline inspection data and analysis for pipeline diameters of 6” to 24”.

Our field engineers are available from start to finish. They bring with them the right tools equipped with the sensors and cleaning kit you need, drawn from our fully stocked workshops. We complete pipeline geometry, metal loss and mapping inspections, delivering on-site data evaluations with a complete inspection results summary.

Your benefits of our R³ Service 

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Responsive – available 24/7/365

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Rapid – diagnostic results in just 72 hours

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Reliable – combines efficient operation with extensive automation

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R³ is responsive and fully equipped

Your remote monitoring has identified a pipeline that’s operating parameters have changed and you don’t know why. R³ Service delivers a next-day response that tells you, and fast. We offer the most comprehensive, flexible fleet of tools available within the United States.

Our mobilized diagnostic units transport up to 40 different inspection tools. These units offer asset owners greater adaptability when considering various pipeline sizes and inspections. Our expert field managers and engineers who have extensive experience in project management, maintenance, and field services deliver the service.

Two field technician working on a tool on site.

R³ is rapid and comprehensive

Recognizing that you would not need a rapid reaction solution unless your need is urgent, we offer flexible run timings and ready equipment availability. Our team uses our unique hybrid tools and multiple inspections are conducted efficiently and with minimal operational disruption to your pipelines.

Following inspection, our advanced processing unit provides in-depth assessments and diagnostics that facilitate on-site detection of critical pipeline defects. Complete diagnostic results are reported within 72 hours. The size and breadth of our tool fleet means you do not have to wait until the pipeline pig you need is available.

Onsite field technician reviewing data on a computer with a on looker.

R³ is reliable

We guarantee the completion of on-site inspections and evaluate your pipeline’s health. The combination of our certified and dedicated field project engineers, robust tool design and automated processes makes this possible. We have over four decades of data evaluation experience in analyzing inspection results. R³ output is both repeatable and reliable.

Blue mobile diagnostics unit (truck and trailer) on site.

Always available

R³ is a next-day service available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, every week of the year. This means you get pipeline inspection data when you need it. Our mobile units can transport up to seven different inspection tools, including RoGeo MD and RoCombo MFL-A/MD tools, that extend maximum flexibility for rapid pipeline inspection. The service is offered in full compliance with industry codes and regulations.

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R³ Service - Responsive, rapid and reliable