Advanced Materials

To maximize the efficiency of each process and product, we realized we have to perform the research, development and manufacturing of its parts ourselves – same with advanced materials. Elastomer systems play an increasingly important role which is why we specialize in providing smart plastic systems across a wide range of different industries such as oil and gas, mining or wind energy.

Polyurethane as the answer to your challenge

When researching advanced materials, we identified polyurethane as the most suitable component for our applications. Our ongoing research concentrates on how we can ensure the greatest sustainability of our advanced materials while still maintaining all other profitable features.

Our dedication to continuously advance our materials is based on the fact that there are always new requirements for materials that we want to meet, which only works if we research and test various material compositions and expose them to all kinds of conditions.

Close up of a collection of blue materials.

High Performance Elastomers

To remain as flexible, close to the customer and adaptable as possible, the decision was not difficult to develop in-house material formulations and manufacture according to individual requirements. That allows us to replace and improve individual components to provide better plant performance for our customers. Our tests revealed that our high-performance elastomers made from RoPlasthan are available in different hardness grades. Since we ourselves have the components in hand and can adjust them as desired, they can be used in various applications.

Light blue eye at the left edge of the image from which a network is indicated by light blue shining dots and strokes running to the center of the image in front of a dark blue background.

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