Pipeline Cleaning Products 

Take unwavering pipeline performance into your own hands

Our pipeline cleaning activities start with an assessment of your pipeline to understand your cleaning requirements. Once the nature and severity of the internal pipeline conditions are understood, we will select appropriate cleaning pigs.

The location monitoring equipment is tailor-made and offers cost effective solutions through high performing, reliable designs that yield accurate location information.

Your benefits of our cleaning products

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Bespoke dual-diameter and multi-diameter pigs for challenging systems

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Wide availability of cleaning pigs of different sizes – up to 64”

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Tracking can be local or remote

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Customized products that meet your specific cleaning requirements

We offer a broad range of cleaning pigs designed to meet your specific pipeline cleaning requirements and to maintain throughput. They are designed and built to seal in the pipeline, which is required for propulsion, are centralized to ensure navigation of system bends, valves and offtakes, and are equipped with the correct components so that systems are cleaned effectively and debris is displaced. 

Our smaller 3" to 12" cleaning pigs use a standardized single-bolt body configuration, while our larger 14" to 64" cleaning pigs use a sturdier multi-bolt body platform. The versatility of these modular designs allows us to attach various components to ensure propulsion through effective sealing and cleaning in the pipeline.

These may include proving pigs, madrel pigs, single module pigs, dual module pigs, dual-diameter pigs, speed control variants, progressive cleaning pigs, heavy duty cleaning pigs and/or bulldozer pigs.

Cleaning pigs often need to prove systems are piggable, and can be fitted with gauging components. These units need to be tracked in the pipeline and require additional instruments to be fitted to them.

Our portfolio of specialist cleaning pigs include active cleaning pigs, our modified HDCP cleaners, umbrella pull units with cleaning tenders and aggressive descaling tools. Our cleaning pigs are custom assembled for individual tasks through the appropriate selection of specific components.

We stock replacement parts for all of our service cleaning pigs. They are available to order if you require spare parts for pigs previously sold.

  • To meet multiple pipeline threats caused by deposits, our inventory includes a wide range of cleaning pigs 
  • Replacement parts are always in stock, available to order, keeping your pig fleet operating

Meeting your pipeline cleaning challenges  

  • Wide availability of different sizes – up to 64”
  • Broad range of components available according to different cleaning requirements 

Pipeline cleaning service options 

Our cleaning service options include our: 

  • EcoSpeed Service 
  • Liquid Jetting Service  
  • Controlled Liquid Removal Service
Image of pipeline pig location and monitoring instruments lined up.

Instrumentation that optimizes pipeline performance

We are experts in building sensor and data acquisition technologies that can be used to optimize your pipeline performance. Our instrumentation includes pipeline data loggers (PDL), marker magnets (MM), intelligent transmitters (ITX), electronic pig detectors (ATEX EPD), and tool locating and tracking systems.  

  • Sensors capture environmental data during cleaning pig runs
  • Data captured shows cleaning pig behavior through the line
  • Tracking can be local or remote
  • Latest electronic position detector (ATEX EPD) works in conjunction with transmitters, markers and tools 
  • Latest ITX 806 transmitter is serviceable in pipes with 1.5D bends 
  • Sturdy marker magnets supplied for challenging environments, such as offshore subsea