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Make launching a new career or advancing in your field easy. With an extensive library of over 70 online courses and over 50 hours of free digital resources devoted to all things pipeline integrity management, it is time to upskill, re-skill or pursue new knowledge.

Start developing your engineering expertise with our online learning and collaboration platform today.

Leverage your professional growth with the Competence Club 

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Lower environmental impact

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Learn and engage at your convenience

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Online Pipeline Training Courses

Start learning with the Competence Club's pipeline integrity training courses.

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Tier 0: Industry Training

Keep on top of industry trends with our industry training courses that provide topical learning on pipeline integrity concepts, including data management, new PHMSA regulations, hydrogen pipeline integrity, magnetic flux leakage technology, and complex corrosion.

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Tier 1: E-Learns (Awareness)

Start your competency training with our introductory courses designed to develop an understanding of core pipeline integrity management topics. 

This training is delivered through our expertly designed e-learn courses that provide bite-sized training from 20 minutes to two hours in length, allowing you to fill skill gaps and enhance your performance at your own pace and at a time that suits you.

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Tier 2: Certificate Programs (Foundation)

Learn from experts and validate your knowledge by taking another step in your competency development. Our short courses are delivered live by a subject matter expert and offer a mix of theory, practical learning, and collaboration. You will gain a holistic insight into the subject matter, allowing you to analyze and apply knowledge.

Want to be assessed on your new-found knowledge? These courses are a part of our Certificate Programs in collaboration with the Qualification Panel for Pipeline Integrity.

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Tier 3: ANAB Certification Pathway (Foundation Plus)

Get on the path to globally recognized credentials and advance your career with our comprehensive three-month blended learning programs. This training is aligned with the requirements for you to take the CERTivation GmbH assessment for your American National Accreditation Board (ANAB) certification.

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Tier 4: Specialization Programs (Practitioner)

If you are looking for advanced training to further your knowledge in a specific pipeline integrity management field, these 12-month specialization programs incorporate blended learning, with self-directed online training, subject matter expert coaching and mentoring sessions, activities, and assignments. To train at this level, you must have completed Tier 3: ANAB Pathway or demonstrated relevant prior experience of the subject.

Dedicated resources for the pipeline industry

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Because we believe knowledge transfer is essential to your professional development, we offer a variety of learning materials for all areas of pipeline integrity management. In our wide range of industry resources, you will discover technical presentations, expert interviews, and specialist micro-courses to support your growth. You will also have access to panel discussions delivered by experts, consultants, operators, and other key stakeholders.

Community groups and knowledge sharing

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Our online community promotes knowledge sharing and collaboration by bringing together like-minded professionals in the pipeline industry. We provide a platform for this knowledge exchange and regularly host events to bring our experts together with knowledge seekers where we recognize their dedication to their training and industry.

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Learning, knowledge sharing, regular dialogue, and continuous collaboration among pipeline industry players are essential to increase and maintain individual and organizational competence. Therefore, we are committed to supporting knowledge sharing and fostering active industry collaboration in areas relevant to professionals working in the industry – on a local and international basis. We bring pipeline operators, contractors, industry experts, regulators, students, pipeline industry providers, and educational institutions together.

Where our expertise comes from

We collaborate with leading industry experts from around the world when putting together our courses, training programs, assessments, and learning materials. Learn where the knowledge and expertise we want to pass on to you comes from.


The Qualification Panel for the Pipeline Industry

The independent experts from the Qualification Panel for the Pipeline Industry (QPPI) advise on the content and design of our Tier 1 to Tier 4 pipeline training programs and assessments. In addition, the Panel sets competency standards, recommends how you can gain and maintain these standards, and can help certify you.

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Subject matter experts from around the world

Our subject matter experts support your Competence Club training experience. Not only have they created over 50 hours of free integrity resources, but they also lead training and can assess your skill level in a specific area. In addition, they are also available to answer questions and share their knowledge at many events or as part of the network we offer to the industry.

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Competency Standards Manual

Our programs and examinations are based on the standards published in our Competency Standards Manual for Pipeline Integrity Management. Together with industry experts and members of the Qualification Panel for Pipeline Integrity, we created a set of defined parameters for over 40 competencies we have in this field of work at awareness, foundation, practitioner, and expert levels.

Our Competency Standards Manual:

  • Establishes the minimum requirements for knowledge, skill, and experience.
  • Provides a structured approach that helps assess and maintain competencies.
  • Allows teams to identify knowledge gaps and design training plans.

We are powered by the pipeline industry

Our global partnerships and collaborations with groups, universities, and organizations mean we can achieve our mission by working together to make the pipeline industry safer and more sustainable.

We can bring the workforce together to improve competency, find new ways to learn and share knowledge, collaborate and network, advocate for better practices, and inspire future leaders.

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I would recommend ROSEN's Competence Club to any new or experienced pipeline engineer looking to round their knowledge base out on topics they don’t use every day.
Wayne Gilbert, Pipeline Engineer