Education and Training

In today’s world, we must constantly adapt as new regulations and policies, technologies, and best practices are introduced into the pipeline engineering industry. Not only does this redefine the way that we operate and do business, but the way we learn. The need for ongoing training and education has never been more critical.

What do you need to be competent in your career?

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The Competence Club is the premier learning, education and collaboration platform in the pipeline industry. Its mission is to make the pipeline industry safer and more sustainable by improving competency in the workforce. Designed as a toolkit for young and experienced professionals, teams, and organizations, the Competence Club features structured competency-based courses at various levels, expert interviews, technical presentations, and assessments for all areas of pipeline integrity management. Above all, the platform fosters community by bringing together all industry stakeholders through events and forums.

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ROSEN's Competence Club is very comprehensive and allows us to address the biggest challenges in our industry with a focus on critical training and knowledge sharing.
Adrián Destefano, Head of Integrity Department, TGN

The Pipeline Competence Model:

How training and personal development have evolved with the Competence Club

As an industry-wide learning platform and network that equips the existing and next generation of pipeline engineers with skills, knowledge, and competence, our Pipeline Competence Model addresses the challenges of tomorrow’s energy industry. We believe that making the pipeline industry more competent means making it safer and more sustainable.

We combine several facets to achieve our goal. Our panel of international experts builds on the understanding and insights of the Qualification Panel for the Pipeline Industry, and our Competency Standards Manual forms the basis of all our learning resources and training programs. The Competence Club acts as a learning platform, and our education consultancy services support businesses in developing their workforce. In addition, our internationally accredited certifications support individuals in achieving the required competencies in the pipeline industry.

We believe maintaining core competencies and discovering new ones also means keeping our workforce safe. Investing in competence is our commitment not just to our employees but also to the community and industry.

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