Real-Time, Interactive Data Alignment

NIMA Integrity Management Software

ROSEN performed a Corrosion Growth Assessment (CGA) for a pipeline operator, comparing data from an in-line inspection recently performed by ROSEN with historical data from other vendors. During scope definition, the operator asked for the results to be delivered as alignment sheets, i.e. static PDF documents that enable a linear view of pipeline assets and features through bands of data.

Our solution

ROSEN combined multiple datasets and analysis results in the NIMA platform to provide a comprehensive overview of the pipeline.

This included:

  • ILI data
  • High Consequence Area (HCA) analysis results
  • Equipment on the pipe (valves, casings and similar)
  • Cathodic Protection (CP) data
  • Corrosion growth analysis results

These datasets totaled more than two million records available for analysis and review. All of this data was interactively linked to a live web map where the operator could gain additional geographic knowledge of the study results area.

Your benefit

Instead of providing the regular alignment sheets originally requested by the operator, ROSEN went one step further and configured real-time, interactive alignment sheets in the NIMA platform. Being able to view all the data in one place led to a significant boost of diagnostic capabilities, which will only further increase once all the operator’s pipeline assets are displayed in this format.