Pipeline Inspection 

Asset integrity loop with the words "Plan", "Do", "Check", "Act", "Set" with "Do" colored in dark blue.

Data is the key to excellent integrity management. Our pipeline inspection solutions ensure that the initial data collection is reliable and accurate so that threat and anomaly management is effective. This data becomes the foundation for future integrity management and allows mitigation plans to be created.

Image of a burst of data with highlight streak in center.

From data to information

We help you to make the best possible integrity management decisions. Each time an inspection of a pipeline takes place, an enormous volume of data is generated. Taking this raw data and cleansing it, interpreting and analyzing it allow us to transform data into information and information into knowledge. Knowledge enables smarter decision-making.

Two ROSEN employees working on an in-line inspection tool.

In-line inspection tools

We are proud of our excellent reputation for innovative and reliable inspection technologies. The tools we use are developed, manufactured, tested, and operated by our experts – which enables us to deliver flexible and customized inspection solutions. We have decades of experience and inspect thousands of pipelines every year with EMAT, ultrasound, eddy current, magnetic flux leakage, mechanical and inertial technologies.

Our pipeline in-line inspection services

Our extensive portfolio of technologies allows us to deliver services for any pipeline threat. Our pipeline inspection services are grouped into a variety of suites to address any integrity management concerns.
We understand that asset care is about much more than just inspection – it requires a comprehensive understanding of an asset's current and predicted condition. To ensure sustainable, safe, efficient, and reliable operation, we apply a holistic approach to pipeline threat management.

Are you facing a specific challenge in your pipeline?

We have a holistic approach to managing specific threats to pipeline integrity. Choose your challenge and learn how we handle it.