Presenters: Tad Nowicki, Erika Santana, Roland Palmer-Jones

Reliable Operation in a State of Emergency

Regulatory pipeline compliance

In this webinar, we will share insight to regulatory compliance requirements and a case study on how our experience and knowledge assist our customers with engineering-based and compliance services that bring confidence and clarity to unplanned extensions of integrity activities without compromising the safety of critical infrastructure.

This session will focus on the requirements in CFR 195 and 192 associated with assessment and remediation scheduling and what can be done when those schedules need to be changed.

Key Learning Objectives

Watch the webinar to learn about:

  • Regulatory impacts
  • Essential critical infrastructure workers
  • Review of target inspection date and
  • Impact assessment of ILI deferral

Presented by

Tad Nowicki, Compliance Consultant, ROSEN Group

Tad draws on a decade of pipeline operator experience leading GIS, Drafting, and DOT/PHMSA regulatory compliance programs to deliver consulting services and solutions that solve operator's business challenges. Tad's broad regulatory knowledge coupled with database experience is demonstrated in his practical approach to integrity management, compliance, data management and risk mitigation efforts. He offers a unique perspective and insightful guidance to ensure that pipeline operators' internal systems and processes meet the needs of the organization, regulatory minimums, and ensure sustainability.

Erika Santana, Analytics Domain Expert, ROSEN Group

Erika has a Master in Fracture Mechanics, a Doctorate on nano-damage mechanisms and over two decades of hands-on experience in the oil and gas industry. Since she joined the ROSEN family in 2018, she had been working in the development of digital technologies and as analytics domain expert on pipeline integrity.

Roland Palmer-Jones, Head of Integrity Management Services, ROSEN Group

Roland has been involved in R&D and consultancy for the onshore and offshore oil and gas pipeline industry for more than 20 years. His latest are of interest is how to leverage the data collected during many years of delivering inspection and integrity services to better understand the condition of pipelines and optimize integrity management.