Coiled Tubing Inspection Services

Automatic Coiled Tubing Integrity Monitoring (ACIM)

Degradation of coiled tubing when used in wells are due to a variety of reasons, such as pressure, hazardous materials, and/or operational problems. Fatigue, while common, is typically not solely responsible for the risk of failure. Pitting, geometric deformation, gripper damage and welding defects can also significantly affect service life. Measuring actual condition versus fatigue modelling provides confidence in the actual condition of a coil and its suitability for use. This is where our Automatic Coiled Tubing Integrity Monitoring (ACIM) Service comes in.

Your benefits of our coiled tubing inspection services

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Early warning of internal corrosion and linear indications

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Actual condition monitoring versus condition prediction and modelling

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API 5C8 compliant inspection

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Inspection during coiled tubing operations (onshore and/or offshore)

To minimize the risk of failure during operation, real time measurements of the condition of a coil can be carried out. In-service inspection with our ATEX certified coiled tubing integrity monitoring device automatically detects and reports pipe defects that fall outside acceptance criteria. This process allows you to monitor and improve the condition and performance of the equipment giving you confidence in its integrity and optimizing its useful life.

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Inspection before or after coiled tubing operations

Before and after onshore and/or offshore coiled tubing operations, coiled tubing must be spooled from a storage reel to a working reel or vice versa. Performing inspections at this point allows for better understanding of the condition of the coil and thus can help avoid impacts to the coiled tubing operation. An inspection after this work will indicate if a coil should be discontinued or if it is suitable for another use.

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