Coiled Tubing

Coiled tubular piping, commonly known as coiled tubing, is a frequently used tool for onshore and offshore oil and gas operations, such as work overs and well interventions, as well as drilling and hydraulic fracturing. Because coiled tubing is used in both the maintenance of aging wells and the drilling of new wells, the range of applications, maximum coil lengths, material grades, and environmental conditions to which it is exposed have expanded dramatically, making it highly versatile for use in demanding conditions.

Rusty Coiled Tubing on blue supports.

Monitoring integrity threats

Coiled tubing is often exposed to acids or acidic well environments. They are also frequently reeled and unreeled which can lead to material fatigue. Failures can significantly impact operations and – in the worst case – result in the loss of a well. This risk can be mitigated by our Automated Coiled Tubing Inspection Monitoring (ACIM) Service to determine fatigue life in combination with mechanical damage, such as corrosion, welding defects or gripper damage, that occurred during manufacture, storage or operation.

Our service offerings for coiled tubing

We offer a broad range of services and solutions to inspect coiled tubing assets and its integrity.

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