GIS and Data Management Consultancy Services

Acquisition, alignment and analysis

Data is the foundation of effective asset integrity management. Stakeholders expect and demand that asset operators have data on their assets that is traceable, verifiable and complete. To be useful this data must be accessible, and it must be maintained to ensure that it reflects changes in condition, operation and environment.

Complete accurate and consistent data is key to:

  • Understand the current and future integrity status
  • Perform effective risk assessments
  • Establish clear management and control
  • Ensure fair and reliable audit

Your benefits of our GIS and data management consultancy services

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Comply with international standards and best practice frameworks

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Support regulatory compliance

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Input to risk assessments

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Field data collection tools to add value to existing GIS infrastructure

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Know your asset with a comprehensive database compliant with international standards

We draw on global experience helping you to manage the data lifecycle, from acquisition and storage to processing and reporting. We assist in structuring, transforming, integrating and analyzing data coming from all sources and any format to generate ultimate business value. The result is a comprehensive database that is fully auditable and compliant with international standards.

Our services include:

  • Data Acquisition: Review of datasets and identification of relevant information
  • Data Assessment: Investigation and assessment of data quality, data accuracy and data completeness
  • Data Loading, Correction and Transformation: Verification of datasets in terms of data ranges, plausibility and consistency as well as migration of data between different data models
  • Database Modeling: Customization and implementation of spatial and relational data models
  • Data Integration: Collection, organization and integration of all relevant and available data
  • Data Alignment: Geospatial, linear and component based alignment
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Ensuring data availability and security through our tools and dashboards

State-of-the-art secure data hosting services ensure reliable access to critical information anywhere, anytime. Supported by a worldwide team of experts ready to complete uploads and alignments, run data processing, and create dashboards of key information on demand.

Our services include:

  • Access to analysis tools and dashboards
  • Data integration and alignment
  • Linear referencing using ESRI software
  • Expert consultancy and integrity assessment support through the cloud
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Leverage the power of GIS as a tool for your pipeline integrity management

Geospatial data and the Geographical Information System (GIS) are used worldwide in managing pipelines. From landowner liaison, to infringement identification and excavation planning, GIS is the ideal tool for managing pipeline data. We offer services that allow you to utilize the full power of GIS in your integrity management processes, including:

  • GIS Consultancy and Implementation: Evaluation of current system workflows, architecture, databases and functionalities to develop a GIS implementation strategy
  • Data Review and Integration: Combination of ILI, GIS and design data to verify the as-is state of a pipeline as well as alignment of spatial and linear datasets
  • Data Collection: Provision of field data capture solutions as well as high-resolution remote sensing data to understand the pipeline's environment
  • GIS Analyses and Spatial Modeling: Identification and analysis of high consequence areas, gas dispersion hazard zones and locations of AC/DC interference as well as delivery of up-to-date alignment sheets

Data services covering the full asset lifecycle

As a leading advanced integrity services provider we handle massive volumes of data for multiple operators every day of the year. Our experts have decades of experience in data management, helping our clients to manage and extract maximum value from their data, paving the way to successful integrity management. From design through construction and operation to end of life, data is generated that must be collected and maintained to derive a comprehensive understanding of asset condition and performance.

  • Acquisition from drawings, reports, databases and listings
  • Extraction, loading, correction and transformation
  • Discrepancy analysis
  • Integration and alignment
  • Cloud-based data services