In-line Inspection Services for Corrosion

RoCorr Service Suite

Undetected and untreated corrosion within your pipeline assets will lead to performance loss and containment failure. Making in-line inspection services a part of your integrated pipeline threat management strategy will help you manage this risk. Our RoCorr Service Suite is designed to detect, evaluate and locate metal loss due to corrosion and associated threats. This allows you to take remedial action before your pipeline integrity suffers.

Drawing on the largest ILI tool fleet in the world, our RoCorr features multiple and flexible options to suit your inspection needs while minimizing impact on pipeline operations. This includes a wide range of sensors that incorporate leading technologies to address your pipeline threats. The data gathering is supported by our unique data analysis and reporting tools, delivered by a dedicated team of experts. RoCorr reduces your corrosion and metal loss threat risk.

Your benefits of our RoCorr Service Suite

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Detect pipeline corrosion before it impacts performance

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Multiple sensor technologies to identify all metal loss threats

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Assess the integrity of your onshore and subsea pipeline assets

Picture of our RoCorr MFL-A tool for ultra-high resolution metal loss detection and sizing.

In-line high-resolution metal loss detection and sizing

Our magnetic flux leakage technology is the optimal choice for reliably identifying and characterizing external and internal metal loss features. Magnetic flux leakage technology is especially suited for the detection of corrosion, erosion, gouging, lamination, pitting and other metal loss features. Our MFL-A technology forms a strong foundation for your asset’s lifetime integrity management.

  • Full recording of raw data for lifetime integrity management
  • High-quality certified processes, qualified personnel and equipment across the globe

Benefits of magnetic flux leakage technology

  • No need for coupling medium, so optimally suited for accurate inspection of gas and multiphase pipelines
  • Ideally suited for identification and characterization of external and internal metal loss
  • Availability of a wide range of tool sizes, combinations with other measurement technologies and multi-diameter tools allow for tailored solutions
Picture of our RoCorr MFL-A tool for in-line high-resolution metal loss detection and sizing.

In-line ultra-high resolution metal loss detection and sizing

Our MFL-A Ultra Service offers an ultra-high resolution approach that overcomes the historically conservative evaluation of metal loss. The MFL-A Ultra Service identifies pinholes down to one millimeter in diameter. It also defines the exact structures of defects, such as complex corrosion. Accompanying Auto-Data brings new standards in data evaluation by incorporating algorithmic processes for ultra-precise results delivery.

  • Improved sizing accuracies enable most accurate integrity assessments to reduce conservatism and significantly reduce unnecessary digs
  • Superior integrity assessment through enhanced accuracy
  • Reduction of unnecessary and costly dig ups

Benefits of MFL-A Ultra Service

  • Ultra-high definition sensors enhance MFL technology to provide superior defect imaging
  • Ultra-high definition sensors deliver detailed insights into a breadth of defect morphologies and different corrosion types such as pinhole in pit and pinhole colonies
  • Enhanced sensor suspension for smoother girth weld passage overcomes long-standing industry limitations

Download our RoCorr MFL-A Ultra Service specifications and learn more

Close-up of our RoCorr MFL-C tool for metal loss and narrow axial feature analysis.

In-line high-resolution metal loss and narrow axial feature analysis

Fundamental to pipeline integrity management is an understanding of axially oriented anomalies such as channeling, top-of-line corrosion (TOLC), gouging, narrow axial corrosion and selective/preferential seam weld corrosion (SSWC). Our MFL-C technology has proved highly reliable and effective for managing such integrity concerns in your pipelines. This is particularly suitable for assessing the integrity status of long seams, especially for pre-1970 electric resistance welded (ERW) pipes.

  • Suited for characterization of challenging metal loss features in liquid, multiphase and gas pipelines
  • Wide range of proven tool configurations available 
  • Option to deploy Ultra resolution to further improve reliability of SSWC assessment

Benefits of narrow axial feature analysis

  • Reliable assessment of SSWC
  • Precise evaluation of axially oriented corrosion anomalies, such as channeling, top-of-line corrosion (TOLC), gouging
  • Full magnetic saturation technology delivers precise characterization of long seams
  • Through-wall magnetization and well-proven tools deliver consistent data quality with a high first run success rate
  • Speed control unit and combined diagnostic solutions minimize impact of inspections on daily operations.

Download our RoCorr MFL-C Service specifications and learn more

Picture of our RoCorr UTWM tool for in-line high-resolution metal loss detection and sizing.

In-line high-resolution metal loss detection and sizing

Liquid pipelines are susceptible to corrosion, lamination, pitting, seam weld corrosion and other metal loss anomalies. Our UTWM technology, which uses industry-leading and accepted ultrasound technology, is ideally suited for detecting the incidence and breadth of these anomalies as part of a structural integrity management program.

  • Accurate classification and sizing of corrosion anomalies
  • Raw data forms basis of lifetime integrity management
  • High-quality service offered in line with API 1163

Benefits of UTWM technology

  • Highly accurate data regardless of defect orientation
  • High accuracy even at extra heavy wall pipelines
  • High-resolution measurement delivers RSTRENG-compliant river bottom analysis
  • Unique combination of UTWM and MFL technologies on one ILI tool has additional benefits (e.g. less sensitive to wax or debris, improved POD, POI and sizing accuracy)

Download our RoCorr UTWM Service specifications and learn more

Picture of our RoCorr IEC tool for internal metal loss detection and sizing.

In-line high resolution internal metal loss detection and sizing

Extra heavy wall pipelines – typically found in offshore applications – often need to operate at higher pressures. This makes identifying any internal corrosion an early-stage imperative. Our eddy current principle technology uncovers the incidence of shallow internal corrosion by coupling the application of high-density eddy current sensors with high sampling rates.

  • Accurate, reliable detection of internal corrosion
  • Outstanding bend and passage capabilities
  • High-precision mapping under tough operating conditions

Benefits of IEC technology

  • Eddy current technology eliminates the need for liquid medium, so is optimally suited for gas and multiphase lines
  • Electromagnetic technology overcomes low-level interference sources for clearer final inspection results
  • Captures geometric profile data for advanced integrity assessment of deformation

Download our RoCorr IEC Service specifications and learn more

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Data evaluation and reporting

Gathering accurate and complete data for the detection and identification of corrosion anomalies is just one component of a successful and comprehensive pipeline corrosion management strategy. Precise data evaluation, conclusive reporting and meticulous analysis play an equally important role in order to turn these data into knowledge.

By applying AutoData, which deploys machine-learning, adaptive algorithms that are calibrated using high-resolution 3D laser scans of real pipe defects, we ensure that the evaluation algorithms continuously evolve during their application and therefore constantly improve the quality of their results. This leads to a significant increase in defect sizing accuracy.

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