In-line Inspection Services for Crack Detection, Sizing and Analysis

RoCD Service Suite 

External factors such as stresses, earth movements and fatigue may lead to the formation of axial and circumferential cracks in pipelines. Safe pipeline operation and avoiding performance and eventual containment loss demands a complete understanding of cracks and crack progression.

Our RoCD Service Suite of technologies offers comprehensive detection, characterization and analysis of axial and circumferential cracks in your pipeline. RoCD technologies provide superior sensitivity and resolution backed by tailored probe production and industry-leading carrier systems. Our understanding and experience of crack analysis and detection is supported by an in-house crack database that enhances identification and characterization accuracy.

Your benefits of our RoCD Service Suite

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Accurate crack detection, sizing and characterization

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Global availability and largest tool fleet in the world

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Technologies suitable for both liquid and gas pipelines

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In-line high-resolution axial crack detection and sizing 

The safe operation of liquid pipelines needs to consider the potential presence of various types of cracking in the pipe body and in the seam weld area and the associated heat affected zones. Our RoCD UT-C Service delivers the greatest sensitivity and spatial resolution in axial crack detection, providing what is needed for successful pipeline integrity management. 

  • Ultrasonic inspection technology delivers highest crack detection sensitivity 
  • Dedicated tool fleet for small-diameter pipelines 
  • Full recording of raw data supports lifetime integrity management

Benefits of our RoCD UT-C Service 

  • Superior carrier system surpasses industry-standard expectations 
  • Tailor-made probes produced in-house for superior crack detection sensitivity 
  • In-house crack database supports accuracy of findings and reporting 

Download our RoCD UT-C Service specifications and learn more

The ROSEN tool RoCD-UT-A is positioned on the ground.

In-line high-resolution circumferential crack analysis

Our RoCD UT-A Service offers the greatest sensitivity and spatial resolution when detecting and sizing circumferential cracks. These pipeline anomalies, along with fatigue cracking, are exacerbated by demanding loading conditions and exterior movements such as landslides, earthquakes, expansion loop torsion, offshore free span and sagging. 

  • Ultrasonic wave technology applied in crack detection 
  • Reliable service backed by technology and experience 
  • High availability and wide range of tool configurations

Benefits of our RoCD UT-A Service 

  • Special probe design and high-resolution features deliver enhanced anomaly characterization 
  • Robust, flexible sensor carriage gives exceptional precision and resolution 
  • Versatility of tool configurations addresses varying operating requirements of individual pipelines 

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Close up image of an EMAT-C sensor on an in-line inspection tool.

In-line high-resolution detection and sizing of axial cracks

Stress corrosion cracking and other forms of axial cracking must be considered to ensure safe pipeline operation. Our certified RoCD EMAT-C Service yields reliable and accurate data in axial crack detection and sizing, providing a solid foundation in effective pipeline integrity management. 

  • Offers continuous sizing of critical crack anomalies 
  • Full wall thickness crack depth sizing
  • Reliably detects coating disbondment in pipelines 
  • Works in pipelines transporting all product types, e.g. natural gas, NGL, Ethylene, gasoline, oil

Benefits of our RoCD EMAT-C Service 

  • Our innovative EMAT ultrasonic inspection technology eliminates the need for a liquid medium 
  • EMAT technology facilitates accurate crack sizing for any crack depth 
  • Wide range and availability of tool configurations according to individual pipeline requirements 

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Data evaluation and reporting

Close collaboration of expert data evaluators and senior integrity engineers with extensive experience in dealing with cracks in pipelines ensures credible results and that efforts are focused on the critical areas. Properly visualizing data in reporting software based on fully analyzed data covering the entire pipeline allows for easy access to the information at hand and is best for reviewing potentially harmful anomalies.

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