Piping Inspection Services

Solutions for terminal and process piping systems

By combining state-of-the-art technologies, other advanced NDT techniques and certified inspectors, we provide a complete diagnostic solution for terminal piping systems as well as process piping systems. Using international standards such as API 570, API 1188, PED and others, the integrity of piping systems can be assessed both in their current condition and during the operational interval. High-quality data obtained through a unique combination of advanced NDT techniques helps operators understand the condition of pipelines.

Your benefits of our piping inspection services

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Skilled, experienced and certified piping inspectors

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Wide range of advanced NDT techniques

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ATEX equipment for standard CML measurements

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Clear, reliable, customized reporting

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Inspection of non-accessible areas 

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Visual inspections and ultrasonic wall thickness measurements leverage our expertise

To operate piping in compliance with local regulations, we provide various inspection schemes, such as e.g. API 570 and API 1188. The inspection scheme consists of visual inspection by certified inspectors and UT wall thickness measurements at CML by qualified NDT technicians. In this way, we inspect loading lines or road crossings for corrosion on pipe supports or pipe wall penetrations. We also perform detailed corrosion mapping of bends and screen the pipe body for internal corrosion. Depending on the damage mechanisms, additional advanced NDT technologies can be applied.

Our inspection technologies include:

  • LRUT: Long Range UT
  • MRUT: EMAT Guided Wave Range UT
  • SRUT: Short Range UT
  • PAUT: Phased Array UT
  • MFL Scanner

Download our LRUT Service specifications and learn more

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Quantifying corrosion with state-of-the-art EMAT technology

When inspecting pipe supports, there are typical challenges we face. For example, often a visual inspection does not cover all areas, which in turn leaves blind spots. In addition, accessibility for direct measurement is often limited, making it impossible to perform a manual UT that reliably detects failure mechanisms during operation. Screening techniques are also helpful, but may not provide the information you need. Our solution for CUPS is based on our EMAT offering, which quantifies corrosion and detects its severity not only in non-accessible areas, but also offers other advantages:

  • High sensitivity for small internal and external defects
  • Fast scanning and assessment to handle large CUPS inspection campaigns
  • Automatic and repeatable sizing of corrosion
  • Raw inspection data is recorded and stored
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Solutions for difficult-to-access and underground pipelines

Underground (non-piggable) pipelines can pose a serious threat to the integrity of the facility because they are typically rarely inspected. Although these pipelines are difficult to access and limited tools are available, we have solutions at hand:

  • Long Range UT
  • Umbilical/tethered inspection tools
  • Customized solutions
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Identifying areas of concern

Corrosion Under Isolation (CUI) is one of the biggest challenges in the industry. Taking apart entire installations is expensive and often unnecessary. The key is to identify areas of concern. By using advanced technologies in combination with expert piping engineers, we optimize the identification of these areas of concern and support operators in their maintenance efforts.

Our services include:

  • Long Range UT
  • Infrared
  • Pulsed Eddy Current
  • Visual Inspection
  • Corrosion Assessments

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Gain more insights into our Piping Inspection Service: Our corrosion under pipe support inspection service is a specifically designed, efficient solution for non-accessible areas allowing a comprehensive, full coverage, high resolution inspection.

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