Our in-house manufacturing enables us to get exactly what we need and how we need it. We develop and manufacture over 90 percent of all components of our products and services ourselves. On the one hand, we apply standardized manufacturing processes to produce as efficiently as possible. On the other hand, we can respond to individual customer requirements due to our high vertical range of manufacture.

Our factory – the place for multitasking

Our expertise in assembly and maintenance allows us to repair and reuse our manufacturing components sustainably. Our own test centers and test procedures ensure that everything we manufacture meets the quality requirements of our customers and generally applicable regulations.

Explore our fabrication fields

View from inside a pipeline onto a welder.

Mechanical fabrication and assembly are essential elements of our manufacturing processes. From various raw materials and through different mechanical processing methods, we produce the required parts and assemblies for our inspection equipment in individual and series production. Examples are central bodies of pigs, lever arms of sensors or transport frames.

A combination of highly competent and well-trained employees, modern workplaces, turning and milling centers and our concept of two-shift manufacturing enables flexible and fast order handling. Our mechanical fabrication processes are supported by Offline Programming, Internal Computer Aided Design (CAD) and state-of-the-art machinery.

Factory employee with safety glasses operates a machine.

Milling as a combination of experts and systematic automation

We manage to efficiently manufacture individual as well as serial parts such as sensor housings, pressure vessels or sensor arms. Our four fully automated milling systems consist of 20 CNC Milling centers with robot handling which ensure highest quality for the chipping of various materials. Our flexible order management system guarantees optimal utilization of the milling machines.

Factory employee holds a hose in a device.

Our polyurethanes (PUR) are formulated and synthesized in our own polyurethane manufacturing plant, providing 3,000 different geometries. We develop complete solutions and create own formulas with unique properties specifically modified for pipeline inspection and cleaning applications. From pipe caps to magnets and sensors embedded in polyurethane – the application range of RoPlasthan is extensive. We have complete control of all polyurethane manufacturing parameter and its custom designed mechanical properties – providing highest abrasion resistance available in the market.

All products carefully tailored as needed

Depending on the choices of raw materials, hardness, elasticity, chemical compatibility and hydrolisis resilience, our discs and cups can be tailored as needed. On the one hand, we can ensure that all components meet our high quality standards. It also allows for extreme flexibility regarding individual and complex designs. On the other hand, it enables very short delivery times and lot sizes of any number, however small or large they may be.

Factory employee wears work coat and protective gloves and works on electronic components.

The performance of our approximately 70 different kinds of sensors – distributed across all kinds of technologies – are a prerequisite for successful service execution. The close-knit cooperation between our R&D and manufacturing teams as well as our advanced equipment and materials make a key contribution to manufacturing high quality sensors down to the finest detail.

Our specialized employees manufacture approximately 8,000 cables, feedthroughs and ROSEN connectors and approximately 2,400 sensors per month. 

Our professional expertise is founded on technological exactingly and efficient processes which include the pre- and final mounting of electro-mechanic components and connectors, the assembly of cables, vulcanization, vacuum grouting of electronic components and various surface treatments.

Many green assembly boards in one device on top of each other.

Our electronics manufacturing processes are responsible for the assembly of electronic modules (for example for in-line inspection tools), cable assembly and wire placement of printed circuits among other areas. Aside from the manufacturing depth of over 90 percent and a pick and place rate of 15,000 – 16,000 electronic parts per hour, we naturally maintain and repair all parts also by ourselves. This constantly requires the use of cutting-edge technology (e.g. fully automated stencil, jet printer, etc.) and efficient fabrication processes.

No matter whether 2D or 3D, light-dark testing or X-Ray

Our automatic optical inspection of printed circuit boards allow us an evaluation of all assembly boards according to IPC rules. Several cameras with a resolution of up to 8 µm create high-resolution images based on different kinds of reflection. Our 3D sensor system creates a height profile of the circuit board and its components. Both procedures enable an error detection based on different reflections and height measurement. In addition, our X-Ray Inspection System provides high resolution 2D/3D images in shortest time, which are then used to inspect for example printed circuit boards, electronic- and mechanical modules.

ROSEN employee holds battery box in his hands.

In our in-house battery fabrication processes we assemble the energy supply systems for our products. More than 15,000 partly rechargeable battery packs are produced here every year in accordance with the highest safety standards.

Factory employee holds a measuring device to a cable.

Focus on quality control

Continuous quality control is part of our day-to-day business to maintain our usual high quality standards. Produced parts are checked between every step of manufacturing and after the completion of parts to generate minimal scrap. In addition, we constantly analyze and optimize our processes due to final product tests. Our testing capabilities include for example 100 percent pressure tests for feedthroughs and ROSEN connectors with the aid of 100 bar TÜV certified pressure chambers. We also perform high-pressure tests with 250 bar to ensure its functioning and quality.

Up-to-date and standardized

By means of newest production techniques with state-of-the-art machinery and constant optimization of machines, processes and procedures, we can assure the highest quality of our products and services. Our machines and technologies can be used around the clock and allow flexible order management. Naturally, our products and services are certified and comply to various standards and specifications. In order to perform different methods of welding we are certified in DIN EN 3834-2 and DIN EN 1090.

Man in a workshop setting wearing safety glasses servicing and assembling a ROSEN tool.

Join Our Team

Our workshop teams maintain our tool fleet and other technologies to ensure maximum efficiency and effectiveness when it is most needed. No matter where you are - we have a number of factories and workshops around the world. Interested? Find out more!
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